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  1. not sure about rim tape tbh never crossed my mind for the same reason as you but its your bike mate and with it being black and red might work out well the hid kit i got was only £19.99 off the bay did also see the same kit for £18.99 and the bulb is capped so takes the sting out for on coming traffic but the light is way way better than standard and always keep a std spare bulb on the bike in beside where the battery and tool kit is just in case had a head light bulb go on me once before and its was at silly o'clock so had to get a bulb froma service station and cost £9.99 almost passed out but had to buy it to get home
  2. yeah i got a non std side light its a CREE XENON PURE WHITE SIDELIGHT very white unlike the std t10 5w 501 i also have a H4 35w HID kit installed
  3. yeah the fuel one is a 286 or t5 the std one is only 1.7w if i mind right you can get the ether as a SMD or LED as a replacement dont cost a bomb ether ..
  4. the clocks look good nice and bright the little dull area at the bottom of the speedo looks a tad brighter to
  5. i see you got into the speedo etc ok you will need to get a pic of the dials up see what those SMD bulbs look at night same as you on the exhaust need to get it painted as mine looks a bit tatty to
  6. yeah something like that might work .....
  7. no woriies only know as i had to change the speedo bulb on mine ..... can be done without taking the headlight off but its a bit tight so if you want to make it a bit easy remove the headlight the back of the clocks only have 3 philips screws holding the cover on not sure if LED bulbs will work as the bulb goes in at the top of the clocks and most LED type bulbs dont spredd the light enough and not sure if there will be enough room for the SMD type the fuel gauge is a 286 type bulb
  8. am a little smaller than the picture .... and the ybr are might not be the fast out the box but it good fun and have had no problems with it its a 2010 got it for a small price of £750 so cant be angry at that have had a little work done on it but that was more peace of mind stuff as the last owner had just had the brakes done so i did the following new clutch oil change tyres air filter ngk plug new side stand switch chain and sprocket replaced
  9. hi folks am new here b ut been signed up for a while had to get a new email as could not get the email to complete reg anyway looking forward to my membership and enjoying running about on my ybr 125
  10. the bulbs are 501 type on my 2010 ybr at the back of the clocks there are 3 screws remove them and you can see the loom behind the speedo rev counter etc hope that helps
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