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  1. Thanks for replys guys iv had it in to my mechanic today there was abit of freeplay in clutch basket he tried a different basket and it solved the issue ill post a link up now so you can see it if link doesnt work search wrf426 problem solved http://youtu.be/jLR5XCpi2xc
  2. I fitted some aprillia rs125 wheels and changed bearings i had to use a rear spindle of a CR125 for the rear though but worked a treat thanks for advice
  3. Hi guys i have a noise coming from the clutch casing side of my engine like a rattle noise but it stops when i put my hand on the clutch cover any ideas ill try to post a video on http://youtu.be/9Zqnn1Hqvu4 this is the noise i have checked for movement in clutch basket its solid cam chain was changed about 3-4hours ago and i do oil n filter changes religiously every 3 rides any ideas peeps
  4. Think thats what im going to do was hoping to put tzr wheels on cos they look cool but researched it and im not much of an engineer lol
  5. I thought my old account had discontinued i just logged on by my facebook thought it had set me a new account up sorry noise my bad i did introduce myself on my last account/this account when i started it up
  6. Ok thanks for the advice i wanted to keep my original wheels so i had set for off road and a set for daily use
  7. Im a new member just passed my full bike test last month and got myself a wr426 loving the power of it how is everyone on here?
  8. Hiya guys im after some advice i want to supermoto my bike without the daft cost of supermoto wheels are there any wheels i could use like tzr wheels something like that any info would be greatly appreciated
  9. Iv had an rm barrel bored n honed after a ring melted to it it cost me a 10er at a place called mick wilsons engineering but thats in chorley lancashire had bike running fine no problems after it was done
  10. Bike passed mot couple advisories well happy and it aint blown up yet dt lol im gunna derestrict it though now cheers guys
  11. Lol cheers for optimism dt its fine on little trips no issues just waiting for output seal to come then i can get it motd and on road it seems fine though at moment
  12. Ano yeah gunna do top end rebuild next month i can do them tho without help lol so hopefully im all good thanx again guys the world is a better place because of you guys on here
  13. Iv done all jobs on it now set float to 20mm no fuel leak no oil leaks ticks over perfect without choke on cuts out when warm with choke on pulls in every gear so i think finally i am victorious and you were right about the oil air head were it had settled so cheers every 1 again so happy bikes sorted i got a non runner running with your help so just got mot check list to do then get her on road
  14. Theres no leak from sprocket shaft n iv drained oil ill jus put right amount back in and leave it cheers guys
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