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  1. To be honest I just want to rebuild it. I'm not matching ports or anything like that, expense is one reason even though I bought the billet clutch basket. A bog standard 250LC is performance enough for me these days being an old fart lol. In the 80's I had a hyper tuned 350LC which was frightening but needed a crank rebuild every 7000 miles and dropped out of tune in the blink of an eye. If I remember rightly it had a Terry Beckett stage 3 tune.
  2. I Yamabonded the crankcase half and put the 2 together and torqued up Time to start fitting the outer components Clutch basket on Electrickery on Then disaster struck Decided to bite the bullet and bought one of these - hmmmm billet porn :-) Hardest part was drilling off the old gear ring without wrecking everything but that was successful Fitted back on engine Sorry about the pic heavy post, I'll put the others on shortly Cheers Steve
  3. Hi all, sorry it's been a while. The build has progressed slowly and had to stump up some cash :-( Gearbox components went in To be fair that was easy but I had bag and tagged everything. Next thing was to drop the crank in
  4. Well here we go, first bits go in, tacho drive and crankcase studs, going to be a long slog as can only snatch half hour here and there
  5. Been a few days now and I haven't actually assembled anything yet! Had to order new crankcase studs as I couldn't find my old ones but carried on searching for more stuff, this time in the loft and hit the jackpot. A big box containing this brand new and unused, I've just bought a second hand one as well, also new and unused, also the switchgear is nos and the tacho has the reddest red line I've seen found my piston rings and a box of genuine yam clips, bolts, rubbers etc, going to take me ages to catalogue this lot gear change and engine tie bars
  6. The rear sets were on the bike when I bought it in 1994
  7. It's a Renntec rad cover painted black
  8. Well look what arrived today :-) I really need a way of sneaking these into the house to stave off the 20 questions from the unimpressed mrs lol. Went to stash it in the garage and had another hunt for the missing pistons rings I know I've got. Still can't find them but came across an old toolbox that hadn't been opened in donkeys years and these were inside.... Genuinely didn't realise I had these so I'm well chuffed and also these, apologies for the blurred picture Mega rare Mel Lemoto rearsets, not a bad find eh
  9. In between working this morning and shopping in the afternoon I managed to do a bit of searching around the house. Found this front mudguard on top of one of my boys wardrobes covered in dust All this stuff came out of a bag in one of my wardrobes Shiny brake pedal Gudgeon pins Engine seal kit and stainless head bolts Full rebuild kit for 2 RGV250 Tokico calipers Also found a good condition rad. I know I've got a set of piston rings somewhere but god knows where. I like the idea of putting the barrels etc in the dishwasher but I haven't got one, it's me :-
  10. Picked up the crankcases and fair play they look really good, cost me 50 quid. Was quoted 75 quid to do the head and barrels but that seemed a bit steep to me plus I'm skint lol. Anyways, here are the piccies
  11. Yes, the cases are being vapour blasted as they were really manky. I'm not aiming for a pristine restoration as I want to ride it not treat it like a museum exhibit so things will only be done if really necessary.
  12. 350 top ends cost an absolute fortune over here so for now I'll stick with the 250. The only major mod I planning on doing is twin discs up front, I've got a pair of RGV250 4-pot Tokicos that will be fitted in time.
  13. Thanks everyone, job done. Now posted a project thread
  14. Thought I'd start a post about my attempts at rebuilding my LC. First off the garage needed a bit of clearing, spot the LC half way down on the right hand side. Cleared a space at the bottom end of the garage and made a shelf out of an old wardrobe and dug out the crankcases The cases have been taken to Everything But Bikes in Chester for cleaning and I should pick them up Friday. It's a start on a long journey
  15. Think I've got it sussed now. Seems to work after I clicked the switch thing in the corner, cheers
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