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  1. I would potentially grab a ferry to GB end of August or early-mid September if there were any Midland/Northern events?
  2. Mine is showing differently as well - on my phone and laptop, no changes on either recently.
  3. You could leave it connected and just run it once a month? For reference a basic rule is to charge a battery at 10% of it's Ah rating. So for a 15Ah battery would take 1.5Ah. Less charging current is perfectly fine, it will just take longer to charge. Johnny
  4. I havent heard of it, but might be worth asking them what treatment they can offer for the brakes etc - that's a part grit corrosion will affect and no amount of ACF will prevent. Johnny
  5. That incredible - certainly wouldn't find me doing that without being attached. Nice find!
  6. I was told only the screws were needed. Johnny
  7. Welcome. I picked myself up an XJ6 a number of months ago and was given two screws with the docs of the bike - I would chase the dealer for them. I was told they are necessary when the kit comes off. Johnny
  8. Some merchandise would be pretty cool :-)
  9. What could car drivers do better to make the roads safer for motorcyclists? Be more aware - a second glance won't take that long. Where do you get riding tips from, other riders, forums, government advertising? Learning from other bikers with more experience is useful. Learning from your own mistakes can be painful. List 5 words which would describe how you think car drivers see you? Invisible, Ignorant, Stupid, Speeding, Target How would you like them to see you? Another road user with every right to be there What’s the best part about riding? Freedom (at least when the sun is shining ) What’s the best part of the riding community? Mutual respect between riders If you could tell drivers 1 thing, what would it be? Be alert and take your time. An extra second won't kill you.
  10. Be patient and catch him red handed. Long runs the fox :-)
  11. I would use a copper in-line splice. Just be sure it is of suitable size to withstand start current & is insulated when crimped. If at all possible I would rip out the old cut cables and put in a set of new ones. May be overkill but having no joins in the cable would lower fire/discharge risk. Johnny.
  12. Hi Stuart, I unfortunately have no experience with this fault or the bike, however I would start by checking the ground cable from the wiring loom going to the light unit. A quick physical check and 'beep' test if you have a multi-meter handy. Johnny.
  13. Hi all, Been lurking here for a couple of days, figure I should introduce myself :-) I am Johnny from N.Ireland. Passed my A2 test last month and have treated myself to a shiny new XJ6 Diversion, which I collected on Thursday. Hoping to do a tour of UK or Ireland during the Summer so any suggestions are very welcome! Best, Johnny
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