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  1. Thanks for that, my forks could be 36mm ( I don't have a micrometer just a tape measure!!) Yes I later kinda found out that the XY600 Radian is very similar, I've ordered a yoke from US on ebay, I think it'll fit... I'm also gonna replace the head bearings at the same time, never done that so hope it's fairly straight forward. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.
  2. And lastly, for all those people that say you cant run pods successfully... you can!
  3. Trying to figure out this photo thing.... this is a bit big! This is My Thruxton XJ600!! A continuing project...
  4. Hi all, new to this forum & need some help. I want to change my fixed handle bars with the type that can be clamped on so I need to change the top yoke. Ive heard that an old FZ600 top yoke would fit, can any one confirm my measurements or suggest anything else?? If you can imagine the fork holes and centre hole as a T The distance between the centre of the forks (across the top line of the T end to end) is 186mm and the distance between the centre of the top line of the T down to the centre of the centre hole is 35mm Make sense? Fork diameter is 35mm Any help would be apprciated.
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