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  1. The time has come to part with our beloved Bruno. I am only selling because we don't really get the time to ride him as often as we would like and I also want a bit more space in the garage. We got Bruno in December 2012 from a MG forum member who wanted something smaller so we gave him our V7 classic in exchange. I am only posting him on here, not on fleabay or any other selling site...though I may put him on the Moto Guzzi owners site, as I will only sell him to someone that knows what they are getting etc. 1st registered 01/09/2006. 23680 Miles. Full and comprehensive service history. L
  2. Long shot but worth a try. Does anyone on here own a bright yellow Ace reg number P93 RMW? Or know of it? Its still insured according to the database. would love to see or maybe even own it again. Thanks
  3. Google "Wiley Co." U.S company..do an awesome end can for the Ace.
  4. I had a set from the USA...Wiley Co. Awesome sound too.
  5. Off on our latest adventure...can't wait. www.globalmotorcycletours.co.uk/pyrenees_picos.html
  6. Performed perfect...Ran it with TC off and in sport mode. Steady and smooth and 60.3 mpg!!!
  7. Just back form a 5 day / 4 night trip to the Somme area. Sobering place to visit but the roads and weather were spot on. Stayed at Orchard Farm..google it if you looking for nice place to stay..great hosts and great food. A few pics. Our hosts Met a group of Bugattis and sneaked the S10 in next to one!!!
  8. RIP Simon. True racer, true gent. Very sad
  9. Last call...anyone going? I'll be leaving North Staffs around 8 ish..hoping to get there for 10 ish. Feel free to tag along.
  10. Weather forecast has changed....might get damp after all...Grrrr.
  11. Cracking racing all day..only the stock 1000's was a runaway victory..all others very close. Weather was ok too!!
  12. Just over a week to go! Cant wait. Weather supposed be ok too..hope so..cant abide packing a damp tent!!
  13. Anyone going this weekend/monday??
  14. Took the Super Tenere to work today...2 degrees the temp gauge said!!! Brrrr. Least its warmer on the way home.
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