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  1. Ttaskmaster, would appreciate bookmark.
  2. I now practice riding nearly 2-3 hours on my YBR125. But today was decidedly was feeling cold in fingers. Perhaps its my age. On market there are wide range from Oxford heated grips around £80 to cheap Chinese heated one at £5 which you wrap around your existing bar grips and then put a shrinking sleeve on top. Any personal experiences would be appreciated.
  3. Appreciate all the replies. Mine is 2010. Waiting for Haynes manual. Then change the bulbs. Thanks.
  4. Do they have any lights in the speedometer and rev meter for night driving?
  5. Name: Yamaha YBR (2010) Date Added: 15 October 2013 - 11:48 PM Owner: waterfalls Short Description: Bought a second hand with service history. View Vehicle
  6. Received my CBT about two weeks ago. Bought a 2010 YBR 125 Aim to put a few miles on the clock and get experience as never driven a bike before.
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