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  1. Pretty much as the title suggests, anyone in or around Reading, fancy meeting? Riding on my own is getting a bit lonely.
  2. I haven't posted here for a while, been busy with one thing and another. Just wondering if there are any more people on here with a bolt now? i've seen 2 in Reading, a black and a green, are you on this forum?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, the idea of submersing the rim is great, but i only want to remove the paint from the edges of the rim, and the sides of the cast spokes that face outwards. would masking off all other areas and applying starchem synstrip to the areas i want stripping with a brush work??
  4. I'm wanting to strip the rims of my bike and polish them up to a mirrored finish, i have heard that modern day paint can be a real pain to remove. Anyone know of a good paint stripper? i have heard that aircraft remover is good but cant find it in the U.K. Once i have the paint off, how is the best way to get a mirrored finish? Thanks X-KID
  5. I've had my Bolt a while now, and have decided i would prefer floorboards to the standard fit pegs. I have been looking into this, and have found a few articles on converting from floorboards to pegs, but, nothing about fitting boards instead of pegs. Can it be done?? are there boards out there that will just bolt on to the standard peg mount? Any advice on this would be really useful. Thanks Si
  6. No problem , maybe next weekend? Or tomorrow?
  7. Sorry for the late reply Ttaskmaster, been really busy and only just checked the page. If you still fancy a meet any time is good for me, even if it's just a coffe at the golden arches.
  8. Anyone in the Reading area free Saturday morning? Weather permitting of course.
  9. I wouldn't want to move the switches from their current location really. I just want something neater, good to know that there are no laws on what must be on the handlebars. I think the main problem I have is, the right hand switchgear, has all the usual functions. Aswell as a select and reset switch for the digital Speedo. Maybe I could relocate those two switches to some where near the Speedo itself
  10. I have been looking around for some smaller/neater switches for my Bolt. the standard units are absolutely mahoosive!!! I'm looking at some new custom made bars for it but it would be a sin to put those huge switch housings back on them. What needs to be on the handlebar switches by law?? does anyone know of anything that may be suitable?? Thanks X
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys, and thanks for the offer to take a look Ttaskmaster. I took it to the dealer who gave it a once over and regreased the clutch and throttle cables, the result...... It now rides like a dream!!! Once again thanks for all the advice. Still up for meeting if you are Ttaskmaster.
  12. I haven't ridden for about three years, but like I say I test rode one of these, along with a Harley iron and a triumph speedmaster and none of them felt like my bike does, it's been Sat in the garage for 3.days as I don't really want to ride it
  13. After some advice really. I have just got my new Bolt, and I am having a lot of problems with the clutch and throttle response. Firstly the clutch, the bite point seems to be only a millimeter wide, once it bites there is no more play at all!!! It's just all or nothing, and secondly is the throttle response, traveling at 30mph and roll off the throttle for, say a parked car, or something causes the bike to lurch quite badly and it's the same with rolling it on aswell. I've never had a fuel injected bike before but the one I test rode wasn't like this!!! Is it just me??? Or could there be issue
  14. Yeah could do that on Sunday haven't been out there for a while. Haven't had a bike for a while either.
  15. I may well be out and about this Sunday Ttaskmaster, might head to the American style diner just past Newbury if you fancy it?
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