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  1. Hey yasmin im a newbie too my riding experience consists of under a week atm lol
  2. Hey im a newbie too except I have no clue about bike bought myself a ybr 125 the other day love it
  3. Thanks for all your messages guys. My bike is a ybr 125 elvis fan literally took my cbt and got a bike thats as far as my experience goes atm lol
  4. Name: Yamaha YBR 125 (2013) Date Added: 05 October 2013 - 08:13 PM Owner: icast82 Short Description: my new toy hope I ride well lol View Vehicle
  5. lol i'll be taking requests all evening
  6. Why do i feel unstable at times like im on the wrong line and the bike feels unpredictable?????

  7. Hi all I recently took my cbt and got myself my first bike, completely new to bikes and would like to meet new people with bikes and want to learn more about them. get in touch Ian
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