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  1. Things I have not checked, but probably should: Carb sync Valve Clearances
  2. Hey Guys! It's been a while since I've posted, but have always been lurking around. I picked up an XJ750 a couple of years ago and have done quite a bit of work to it. However I'm at a complete loss as to what and why I'm having this random bike shutoff issue. It's getting to be dangerous because you don't know if it's going to shut off while you're leaning into a turn! Anyway, here are the symptoms: When the bike is cold it requires a bit of choke to start, then once the idle goes up, I turn the choke down. Then the bike idles fine. It will run for about 30 seconds usually, and then just shut off. Just recently I've had to wait about another 30 seconds before it will start again. If you try to start it, it will crank, just not start. Once you wait 30 seconds it'll start back up again no problem and idle beautifully. Then... depending on her mood, another 30 seconds or minute later she'll shut off again. Because she's now just being a bitch. So I have to sweet talk her a little more, wait another 30 seconds or so.... start her back up. Caress her. Tell her she's beautiful. Then maybe she'll stay running for me and give me a good ride. However, randomly, she still just shuts off. I can't even say when it happens it's so random, sometimes when letting off the throttle, sometimes when rolling it on. Sometimes just when I'm sitting at a stoplight. Once I've been riding for over 30 minutes, it doesn't do it anymore. She runs perfect. No issues. Only that first 30 minutes it's sketchy. I would love any opinions or feedback on this crazy issue, because I'm out of ideas! And I don't see any obvious electrical issues, I've checked all of my kill switches (clutch and side stand). I thoroughly cleaned the carbs at the beginning of the year (didn't start having these issues up until about a month ago maybe). And I've checked and replaced spark plugs, swapped coils with my old FZ600, and still the same issues. (now those coils are 30 years old too, so I'm no ruling that out). I'll get a video of it tomorrow, bike is hot now because I've been out there messing with it, so it will probably run fine if I take a video now. Next stop is the mechanic, and I've never had to bring a bike there other than for a safety certificate, so I don't want to start now! lol Thanks in advance, you guys are the best!
  3. This really became a project last weekend.... details to come, but I went down pretty hard, and the bike is a mess.
  4. Ok well I trust your opinion so I'll do as you say! Wooo! Hopefully this fixes up my issues...until the next one comes. I've put on 9000kms on this bike in the 2+ months I've owned it, so I am getting lots of fun in between.
  5. Ok I had ordered the Barnett clutch kit, it comes with springs, steel, and fiber plates.... I can only assume it's fucked since it revs up in 5th and 6th gear when you hammer on the throttle but doesn't actually speed up until it catches.. I just still find it weird that it does it so much in 2nd gear over all the others, it doesn't slip at all in first gear..no matter how hard you hammer it. Anyway, clutch kit on order, gonna get a new gasket for sure. Thanks for the help as always guys!
  6. Would you recommend Barnett over EBC clutches? Anyone have opinions on either, or a better option even?
  7. This all I need? http://www.ebay.com/itm/EBC-SRK-Clutch-Kit-Fits-Yamaha-YZF-R6-600-1999-2002-/331275866714?fits=Year%3A1999%7CMake%3AYamaha%7CModel%3AYZF+R6&hash=item4d2194925a&vxp=mtr I'm gonna take a video of the problem in 2nd gear, you should be able to hear what's going on if I mount the camera in a good spot... maybe you can make the call just from that if that's the issue! There's definitely no clunking or banging it just slips when accelerating, feels like the tire skips but that's not it.
  8. Thanks man as always I appreciate the advice! I did notice when I was cranking on it on the highway in 4th gear it revved up but didn't speed up... which would be indicative of the clutch, right? So I think you may be on to something... I'll pull the clutch cover off this weekend when I do an oil change and assess it from there. I'll post some pics up when I get in there. Thanks again buddy!
  9. So this seems to be the issue... the 2nd gear has 3 gear dogs on it that engage it to the tranny whereas the 03 and up tranny's have 5 dogs on them... so these get rounded off in 2nd gear for some reason and almost every 99-02 R6 has this. I can either ride as is, or fix it. I'm gonna fix it come winter time, woo project time! http://www.sportbikes.net/forums/help-me-fix/431079-2003-r1-slip-2nd-gear.html
  10. It doesn't pop out of gear, just slips when you hammer on it in 2nd. I don't doubt you at all I just don't know how that would be the clutch if it only does it in one gear, but you would know more than me about this stuff!
  11. feliks

    Fz600 Gulf

    Just some info, the sparkplug should work with the resistor or not... I had both in my FZ and it ran the same with either, until I blew it up that is. lol
  12. It's not popping out of gear, I would describe it as rear tire slip, that's what it "feels" like...but it's not, and it ONLY does it in 2nd gear, no other gears... from what I read online the 2nd gear in 1999-2002 R6's is fucked...and goes out very soon in their life... so plan is to crack it open and fix that up this winter! Hopefully that goes well... Yes I did... the regulator was fried though, wasn't putting out the needed voltage, was still only at 12v when running.
  13. Flip the battery was toast and is the sealed type so you can't hydrotest it... constant charging/draining killed it I think, plus who knows what kind of shape it was in before I got the bike. Picked up a new AGM one from GNB Battery here in Hamilton and installed my new regulator, now reading a fantastic 13.6v while the bike is on, instead of 12.1v which I was getting. Woooo hoo! All fixed up. I've got the dreaded 2nd gear slip now though under hard acceleration... would you suggest finding an 03 tranny to swap with or just replacing the worn gears in mine? It'll be my new winter project this year. A few as in like 5 or 6 extra hours... lol
  14. Installed the new stator, and although the bike is holding a charge at 12.5v even after riding for half an hour... it won't go above 13v while running even at 5000 rpm. So....RR must be done as well. I bit the bullet and ordered one from yamaha... $100 used from the bike wreckers or $170 new from yamaha (I know that's a lot but there's no way I can wait for one to come from China... I'll just work a few extra hours this weekend to make up for it!). At least I got out for a little ride today!
  15. The wife is actually going to take the trip out there for me (I have to be here in the morning to work and she knows how much this is killing me to not ride right now, she's awesome. lol) so I'll ask her to get a RR while she's there, might as well be safe, don't want to fry the new stator. Like I said the RR "looks" fine but since you can't test it I'd rather not risk it.
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