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  1. Drewpy thanks for all your help. New TCI arrived today and BOOM I have 4 cylinders again. You legend
  2. Thanks drewpy for all your help. I have ordered the parts I need. I will update you as soon as I have recieved and fitted them.
  3. I have just been out to try swapping the wires around on the coils. I have managed to move the the sparking from 2 and 3 to 1 and 4. I have a 2nd hand ecu/cdi box on order. Is this the same as TCI? Thanks Jason
  4. I have checked the voltage to the coios with ignitiin on. They both read 18v yes eighteen. Yes i have swapped the plugs and plugs are fine. I swapped coils over and still 2 and 3 fired nothining on 1 and 4. Thanks for your help so far. More would be very much welcomed
  5. Thanks for answering so quickly. I will have a go at swopping the pick up coil from my donor xj. So am I correct in saying that the pick up coil operates the coils individually?
  6. I have a 1995 XJ600S, it runs on the 2 centre cylinders but not the outers. I have swopped the coils around but she won't start. Which makes me think i need to replace one of the coils. Although this won't fixvthe problem as the 2 outers should have fired when i swopped the coils? Would the pick up coil affect only one of the coils? I get the feeling that my problem is a very easy fix. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  7. Hi, i appreciate this is an old thread, but would the pick up coils affect only one of the top coils? The reason for the question is that i have a 1995 XJ 600S and it is only running on the 2 centre cylinders ie sparking from 1 coil. I have swopped the coils over but it makes no difference
  8. Hi, I am in a similar position as freedomfighter. I am trying to find out what year my DT175 is. I do know that the engine has been replaced, so it does not match the frame. Unfortunately. The frame number is 2K4-011686 X. The 2 stroke oil resivour is on the left side behind the side panel. The battery is on the right hand side below the air box. I have been told it is a 1979. Please can someone help me? Regards Jason
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