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  1. Yep, play bass guitar and double bass. Abysmal at both.
  2. Was a great era. Er...as far as I can remember. Mind you, at 55 I'm struggling to remember anything that happened in the last week.
  3. Cheers All, thanks for the welcome.
  4. I got my very first bike back in 1975 as a spotty long-haired 17 year old, when I moved to London. It was a Yamaha U5E, a sort of 50cc step-through scooter and it was my first introduction to the world of biking. That was followed by a YB100, and then a YDS7 250. Then a crash ended it all for me, when a car driver turned right across me without indicating. Crunched my left hand up and wrecked the 250. As an apprentice engineer at Heathrow, on £7 a week there was no way I could repair or replace it so it stood rusting in my dad's back garden till he gave it away to someone who wanted to resurrect it. And that was the end of my biking. Didn't even get round to taking the test. And like just about everyone else, family/house/work all conspired to ensure I had no spare money for biking and to be honest, riding completely disappeared off my radar for over thirty years. Fast forward to 2011. My youngest son, who passed his test a year or two earlier, then gave up cheffing to train as a bike mech would occasionally say things like "You should get a bike" and that planted the seed. Out of curiosity I did a CBT, and realised I'd forgotten how much fun zipping about was. Bought a YBR 125 and did my DAS. The YBR was replaced by a '98 XJ600N which became my main mode of transport after I gave my car to another son; I didn't need it because I work from home. I'm really enjoying my return to riding after so many years. And last week, I put a deposit on a brand new XJ6N which I pick up in the next few days. Really can't wait. So, as you can see from that potted history, I've always been a Yamaha man, never owned anything else.
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