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  1. cheers for that i ride them not fix them but will read ur link.
  2. hi my xvs 1300 is now 4yrs old and has had the basic service's done to it ie: oil,filters ect can anyone tell me what is required for a future service mileage is 016359. any info appreciated.
  3. Name: yamaha midnight star xvs1300 (2009) Date Added: 03 September 2013 - 09:10 AM Owner: melvinwinter Short Description: apehangers, shotgun exhaust made by county down choppers solo seat, satin black in colour View Vehicle
  4. although i have used this site in the past to get answers my brother recommended i joined so here i am people call me bernie i now ride a midnight star xvs1300 before that i had a virago 1100,rd 250,and a 125 trail bike which was my very first yam so hi to to all yam members and heres to getting more questions answered.
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