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  1. I agree 100%. Side stand switch faulty or wire lose or broken. Have a look where the side stand swivels. There will be a switch with 2 wires on. If they are loose or broken off, sort that. If not, disconnect them from the switch and connect the two wires together solidly till new switch is fitted.
  2. Hi all, I have a 1996 TDM 850 4TX which some bright spark has changed the seat, tank and or ignition locks. Therefore I have 3 keys (plus my top box and disc lock. I need a set with matching key. If any one has a set (good working order) would you please email me. It would be nice to have them all the same but don't want to spend much more on this bike. Regards Eddie
  3. Howdy, my rear shock has broken off at the bottom bracket and have tried to remove the rustified bolt by soaking in everything and belting the bejasus out of it. NOTHING. Any ideas please. Can any one tell me the cheapest place to buy parts for my bike. At the moment I need the bottom mounting bolt seals etc. Most of the sites on here eg Suttons are waaaaay too expensive. Regards Eddie
  4. Hi, I am on the prowl for the aluminium or carbon fibre loo-a-like surround (including screws etc) for my 1996 TDM 85. Some low life decided it was easier to nick mine than buy one. Secondly, and this is really out there, I am looking for a centre stand for the said motorcycle. I can buy a new one but being in a part time job I can't spare the money. regards Eddie
  5. eddie5856

    YOC patch

    You need to contact Drewpy. He has them.
  6. eddie5856

    YOC patch

    Please contact me on my email address so I can purchase a couple of your patches please Drewpy. I am not sure how to do it through Paypal as a gift but will work it out if you give me the purchase info. cheers
  7. I have a drip (sometimes) from the fuel overflow pipes on my TDM. It has been looked at, settings checked etc. Anyone got any ideas as I don't want to replace parts just for the hell of it. cheers Guys
  8. Just a quick Hi from a new member in Somerset UK and would like to know if there is an official YOC badge or patch?
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