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  1. Hi all, I am a mum of twins, who if I let them live until the 9th of Aug, will be 17. They are keen Rugby players, who dream of playing for Wales. I will have to wait and see! I own a XV 535 on an L plate and have ridden bikes since the age of 14, I passed my test in 88, with a great bunch of guys in Chester, (thanks guys). My bike has been standing for a few years, due to work and family commitments, which I now intend to rectify, hence why I joined this site. I will be honest, I am here to pick your brains and get as much help as I can, to get my baby in tip top condition asap. Granted, she was in a bit of a mess when I got her,as she had been totally ratted and I had done quite a bit of work on her, but it came to an end when I ended up unemployed and with damage to my exhaust. (lack of money for new exhaust!! and lack of time with demanding rugrats!!). I now need to a) get exhaust repair/renewed, de-rust everywhere c) get running again, d) earn money (I am in the process of setting up a business). Ideally, I would love to hear from anyone local to me, who would have the time and the inclination to help me achieve getting back on the road. I am also under order's to provide No 1 son with 2 wheels, taxed and insured, of course!!( waiting for the money tree to flower again!!). I am considering the 125 version of my XV, sorry but there is no way any son of mine is riding a skooter!! lol Too many twist and go idiot's around here already. As usual I've rambled! but then again it's what us females do!! lol I am hoping I will get some real good advise on here and look forward to finding all the info I know.
  2. Hi guys, after spending the last few years looking after the rug-rats,I am looking to get my beloved 535 baby back on the road. I need the baffle box welding and repaired, was wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark figure on how much this should cost? I live in the Deeside area of North Wales and if anyone is local to me,I would welcome all recommendation's locally for help mechanically, my baby has sat for about 6 years and is on the L plate, I am out of work at the minute, so my budget is fairly limited. Any help will be gratefully received.
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