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  1. Well would you adam and eve it the bulb was buggered! Quite funny really I always assume the worst even when I encounter minor troubles like this. Horn started working again once I cleaned it and replaced it as well. Ironically my full beam indicator has stopped working now... my guess is I need a new bulb... ah well at least I can ride at night now without blinding the sheep on the moors.
  2. Yeah I should of checked the bulb before I posted, I have a feeling its something else though. Since I replaced the fuse, it has worked a couple of times only to stop working as soon as I go offroad again (it hasn't 'fixed' itself for 3 days now though). I'm about to head out now to see my mate and do a few swapsies so hopefully should get to the bottom of it. Next time I'll try to eliminate the obvious before I go harping on asking daft questions!
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  4. I haven't got a multi-meter, yet. Must get one soon they seem to be pretty vital when checking electronic systems.... I'll pick up a new bulb from the garage tomorrow at least that will be another thing ruled out, or maybe it'll fix it completely. Fingers crossed! As for the battery I was wondering if it was on its way out and how that would affect the system. I thought that since the powervalve was still 'cleaning' on start up and the instrument lights were working that the battery was probably ok. I'll see my mate tomorrow who has a DT as well and try his battery and see what happens. Cheers guys.
  5. Hello all. I'm having a problem with my low beam at the moment, any insight would be much appreciated as it's really starting to do my head in. Basically I have no low beam/dipped lights. Only the side (parking?) light works when switched onto low beam. The full beam is fully operational however. It all started a week ago or so, after a ride through some real boggy woods where I dropped her a couple of times and knocked my rear indicator off (I've taken them off now). When I got home and turned her off, I had no instrument lights/powevalve operation/starter and the fuse had blown. So I have replaced the fuse which seems to have fixed everything except the low beam, which still doesn't work?? Fuse is still intact Bulb works fine for full beam Have tried fiddling with wires/connectors, no dice Horn doesn't sound unless engine is running? I'm not very clued up on electrics could a bad earth be causing this? Most likely I have a corroded connection somewhere I'm thinking... I haven't posted much on this forum but I've learnt so much from all the people who post on here, so big thanks to everyone for contributing!
  6. so I decided to go for a new top end after my DT decided to eat one of its piston rings. was thinking vertex but the small end bearing seems to be a different size (17.5mm instead of 19.5mm), presumably this is just the internal size so I can use the same rod?
  7. haha, sorry just a bit of a wishful thought! yeah will do, thanks. got it all out and cleaned up and sure enough, there's the remains of the ring in the head and top of the piston... think I'll be getting a new head and a re-bore professionally done. now that the piston is off I'm suspecting the top end has worn, as the bearing rocks about quite freely in there! I'll have a mate of mine who knows his stuff coming round tomorrow for a skeg, so hopefully he'll give me a better idea of what's acceptable where.
  8. so you think the rattling is likely just piston slap from a worn bore? and would that also cause the ring to disintegrate? I'll take it all into work tomorrow and give it a proper measure on the CMM.
  9. Hello all, Sorry for the essay, I'd be interested to hear peoples thoughts and thought it'd be best to include as much as I could. My little DT has developed a knocking sound (started off quiet and gradually got louder over about 50 miles) The bike has done 16500 miles and I've put about 500 miles on her in a month. After reading the Haynes I convinced myself it would be a big-end bearing that had worn. So I took the head and barrel off with relative ease and noticed a few things; Bolts weren't evenly tightened on head and cylinder. There is only one piston ring yet there are two grooves in the piston. The dome of the piston is quite heavily carbonated and seems to have 1 or 2 fairly substantial 'pips?' that have left impressions in the head. The head gasket was just a cheepo piece of thin painted steel (white), and seems almost brand new. In the top of the cylinder head, where the carb warmer pipe meets, there are lots of small black flecks? The bearings on the small and big end of the rod feel quite good to me. There's a bit of side to side play, but up and down there is no movement as far I can tell. I'm wondering if the previous owner has changed the piston and small end bearing, but the cylinder itself has worn to the point of needing a re-bore and upsized piston? With no experience with this kind of thing I can only guess, but the cylinder looks ok to me without any serious scores or scratches. Is it normal to have only one piston ring? Can having too much clearance between piston and bore create a knocking/rattling sound? I don't really know what I'm doing so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello to one and all! I'm 25 and I live in the heart of the North York Moors. Recently bought a DT and thought this seemed a good place to come for friendly and helpful advice. I've only had the bike a few weeks and already have had a few niggles that I've managed to work around. I'm planning on making this bike as nice as it possibly can be, but with limited mechanical know how, I'm bound to need some help somewhere along the way... that's where you lot come in! Cheers!
  11. Name: Yamaha DT 125 Re (2006) Date Added: 30 July 2013 - 07:13 PM Owner: BransdaleBeast Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
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