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  1. When we replaced the head bulbs of my buddies R1 with HID we are also surprise to know that the headlights are in an angle position, we tried adjusting it, but with no luck so the owner decided to install Recon projector kit instead and it was done with great success.
  2. Surely they are classic, i'm pretty amaze to see them still in pristine condition.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums! Nice retro bike you have there.
  4. A pal of mine installed a givi 364 in his xj6 looked great, but still lacks storage so he also bought a first gear Silverstone saddle bag from 4 wheel online. The saddle bag can be easily be remove if not need.
  5. Glad to have you aboard in the forums. Welcome!
  6. Bikes condition still looks pristine. Good job on preserving it.
  7. Nice bike you have there. Welcome to the forums!
  8. Do a load test to see hows the health of it. Start from there and see how it goes.
  9. louie J.

    new bike

    Surely its a beast! Are those Cycra saddlebag installed? My cousin both the same design from 4 wheel online.
  10. louie J.

    new bike

    Sweet bike! Congrats with it. Hope to see some actual pics once you have it.
  11. How old is the battery? Also it could be the a corrosion on the stater button that cause the starting problem.
  12. Hello and welcome aboard to the forums. So is your bike intent as your daily work horse?
  13. It would fit, but it can be done. The question is how stable and balance would it be after the swap.
  14. The bike is pretty new and surely its under warranty. Have other dealer check it out or email directly to Yamaha technical support.
  15. Nice bike... What exhaust do you have? I got a 1st gen FZ1 and thinking of buying some motorcycle accessories for it. My first project would be the exhaust and tires.
  16. That would be surely hard to compete with a yzf. But if your really want to. Well doing a port and polish and bigger carb and better brakes and chassis could do the work. But for a more practical approach selling your bike and getting a higher displacement would be easier and better.
  17. Hello and glad to have you aboard here in the forums!
  18. Great shot with your brother in the track. It also gave me some plans in creating a supermoto project. I envy you guys.
  19. Tail look like it came from 2003 R1, but over all it looked great.
  20. I bought a Dunlop Roadmaster from 4 Wheel Online. Great all around tyre, I believe Shinko do also offer cheap, but great performing tyres which I have to see once I got hold a set.
  21. Those chemical will surely work, but quite expensive diesel fuel or thinner are more affordable and would offer the same effect.
  22. pilninggas is right. got mine in local hardware store its per cent by the way.
  23. Hello and welcome to the forums. Try this code. <img src="url" alt="some_text">
  24. I usually soak it with diesel fuel then blow it away with pressurized air, but if its clog best way is to weld it open to remove the carbon build up.
  25. I bought a Ultragard form 4 Wheel Online. Not that pricey but really effective.
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