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  1. Cheers for the replys. Ive found what all the wires are for, just need to put new bullet connectors on on the indicators an its done
  2. Hi everyone! I was hoping for some help if anyone knows about the wiring on a dt? im trying to wire up my brake light, but dont know what wires to plug into it! Also need to know which wires go into the indicators. I have some photos of the wires. Sorry if there not good quality, ive had to upload on my phone. Theres these: http://m1283.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/oliverlfc125/2013-07-29154228_zpsb94cc375.jpg.html?o=13&newest=1 http://m1283.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/oliverlfc125/2013-07-29154232_zpsd57d71f5.jpg.html?o=11&newest=1 and these: http://m1283.photobuck
  3. Aske about it an they arent interested! Will just leave the numbers an cover them. Not risking it looking dodgy
  4. Yeah mate i found blank vin plates online that need to be riveted on.. Will look into it. Aslong as its readable im sure hell be ok .only problem is its had a newer engine put in! + yeahh was going to get it professionally powdercoated as it ruins the whole bike lookin like it does!
  5. Cheers lads i apriciate the help! Ill have to mask it off when it comes to painting an do it with cans.
  6. Cheers for that mate, i have the v5 etc an can see the numbers correct. Goood idea though! i just might need it stamping again, thats thevit im worried with, i could probably get it done straight onto the frame, but as its 20+ years old they might be leniant with me lol, ill have to take v5 with me for he mot so he can write it down.. I did put wipe greese in it which is how i can just see it, but its barely a mm deep lol
  7. Its got mot for a good few months mate. An good idea!
  8. Also do you have a standard airfilter? Id give it a clean or replace an set your carb to settings said in the manual
  9. Id give you fuel pipes a check. Could be kinked an not allowing enough fuel through. Have you checked around the inlet manifold for air leaks etc? When you get it going spray carb an any joinns an manifold etc with wd40.. If revs raise you have a leak. Im probably wrong so wait ffor someone elses answer lol
  10. I never new that.. I was just going to attack it with it. But ill take that in mind! Thank you
  11. Will do mate! Cheers for info wht would i do if the cables rub it away compleatly over time? Declare it off road an rereg with a q plate or have to buy a new frame?
  12. Thought of ptfe tape but thought the petrol would melt it.. Cheers mate i apreciate all the help!
  13. Half my bikes bodged.. Im slowly paying a fortune to fix them lol Ill try loosening an reallly tightening it tonight an threadlock it. If not Ill try an pik up a new float bowl from the breakers when i pick up some more bits! cheers!
  14. Its most probably faint from cables rubbing and wear an tear over the years, and if its been sandblasted a few times. I had to scrape away at the powder coating, there was the silver brushed on paint, purply blue spray paint then the main blue powdercoat. Took age to sand lol so me sanding it down to bear metal never helped but its more visable now and i thought of getting a little strip of metal an stamping the frame numbers on an sticking it on. but then thought if i get pulled theyll think its a ringer an ill get fuxked! Are you aloud to restamp them? We had stamps that you bash w
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