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  1. Ask away everyone on here is well knowledeable and we all share the love for bikes
  2. Hello, I am not to knowledgable on this matter but thought I'd try to help you out. I've found this forum from a couple years ago from a member with similair problem. Like they said and I tend to agree if it is restricted it can't be by that much as it is a 650cc motorcycle. I've only seen restrictions on other types of bikes mainly but who knows you might find out more then I could lol good luck!
  3. Sounds like you replaced all the necessary parts that I would hmm... If I were you I might check all the wires leading from ignition to spark plug boots. Are all wires secure and tight? Grounded properly? Did you get the proper plug for your bike? Determine what gap of plug your bike takes and compare to the new one you got with a feeler gauge. Let me know, good luck!
  4. Good idea but wouldn't that cost a pretty penny more than likely?
  5. thanks all! Already love the forums not many people around me I have to ride/share biker knowledge and info with lol
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking! Lol I think on rides longer then around my city I'll use my one with visor missing and put goggles on and take visor off
  7. Thanks guys I'll just have to see when It comes in its true condition and all might just use it for quick rides and going out one night to display it lol
  8. You are probably correct task but I got it cheap and looks vintage so I'll check the padding and all I might just use as display or something lol had to have it though brought back the 80s
  9. Haha it's not from 83 I think actually it's like 1991-1993 but it has all mesh and layers in it with dot approved never used has plastic still on it
  10. Haha ordered a vintage helmet to go with my vintage bike thought it might be kinda cool as I was in need for a new helmet anyway my visor lock broke causing high speed visors fly ups and a burst of wind into my face when changing lanes xD Here's the helmet if anyone's curious cheers! http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mV8urEn21Z2834BBXOel4Zw.jpg
  11. Just buy a jug premixed coolant 50/50 like tone said I use Prestone 50/50 I bought a jug of it at autozone and keep it in the garage for topping off or whenever I flush my system in my scoot.
  12. Bad situation I can understand... lucky I guess I have my backup bike, and my gas sipper, my ole reliable custom 150cc scooter. Both brakes are on handlebars it's a twist and go cvt transmission gets 90mpg also which is why I ride it still lol
  13. Yea that's true also lol on another note if you or anyone knows how can I check to see if my in tank fuel filter is in my tank still? I can't tell inside of its there that's why I use an inline filter just to be sure I'm getting filtration but I know if you don't have the in tank filter you loose the reserve outlet on the petcock valve which isn't so good if you run out of gas on the road and realize you don't have the reserve option anymore D:
  14. Also gonna clean my tank out and petcock and pick up new in line fuel filter for added filtration lol
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