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  1. I'm in. If I win (fat chance with Tommy in the game), anyone wanna buy an Xbox?
  2. So, when's part 2 due out then?
  3. Congratulations! Just think how appropriate your name will be in February Two teenage daughters? That'll be fun. Best teach them to ride a bike very young, then they won't be needing a lift from any gentlemen callers
  4. Same here and mine's Italian!
  5. Funny, but so true it makes me want to cry...
  6. Katie1


    Ow, that's rubbish news Send your daughter my sympathy and wishes for a speedy recovery (and I'll also wish a plague of boils on the bum of the van driver who did this) x
  7. Well, if you're going to be on it for hours at a time, why not go for an old Fazer? Comfy, will go all day and give you a bit of weather protection http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201408256863631/sort/recpriceascdefault/price-to/1000/cc-to/600cc/model/fz/make/yamaha/usedbikes/radius/1500/page/1/postcode/ox44fy?logcode=p
  8. Hi PW Welcome to the exclusive world of Yamaha. Erm, everybody welcome
  9. Wasn't the fun part of dropping tabs that you didn't need the internet?
  10. Katie1


    Finally the mystery is resolved! Now we know where the last missing Bob Monkhouse joke book got to....
  11. That reminds me, I'd forgotten a bike off my list! Found one of these in scrap yard and gave him a tenner for it. Think it even worked for about 5 minutes!
  12. Welcome Mar! Good to see you here and only a tiddly bit envious that you get to ride in the sunshine so much more than me!
  13. Sooooooo lucky! :eusa_clap: Didn't do that last time I tried it
  14. Think I might stay out of this one...
  15. Yay, well done on passing. Welcome to the wonderful world of widing
  16. Another girlie welcome from me As the others said, we all started off on L plates so there's no stigma attached to it. I did my smaller bike stuff a long time ago (started 21 years ago! ) but still remember how much fun it was. The best news? It never stops being exciting!
  17. Blimey, I think that accounts for my last three months riding. Well done! :rah:
  18. Forget carbon panels and aftermarket exhausts. If you really want to go faster, you need this! http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Men-s-Slimming-Body-Shaper-Men-TV-shopping-waist-and-abdomen-underwear-Less-beer-belly-free/235736_1958707021.html
  19. I'm sure we'll be very happy together Foamy. We could sit and watch that video, over and over and over and over and over.... Oh, and the drugs are free
  20. Daily Mail readers - Letter writing timesaver of the year!
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