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  1. Nice and all that but not worth topping yourself over?
  2. Bit worried about how knowledgeable you sound there...
  3. Not sure if this will help, and it doesn't stop everyone who wants to be a tit, but when you're riding straight down a road with cars waiting to pull out, weave slightly. It breaks up the optical illusion that makes a narrow image look like it's standing still. Works the same with or without lights on and I commute every day. Although with your luck Grouch, I would also consider sacrificing a goat to the gods before you get on the bike in the morning...
  4. Katie1

    Henry Cole

    Good grief, I'd demand refund of my tv licence! Perhaps someone slightly less old/creaky/boring/dull/monotonous? How about James Toseland? He could even do the music!
  5. Does that mean it's my fault if you don't like it?
  6. I've got the Oxford B25 (in black) and I'm very pleased with it. The only slight downside is that the top opening is slightly narrower than the main body of the bag. Doesn't stop things like laptops going in but occasionally annoys when carrying something larger. Totally waterproof and great strap options (you can easily remove the waist strap if preferred, I did). Diving in from the top does give you a bit of the Mary Poppins effect though...
  7. Can't give you a comparison but I took a Hypermotard out for a test run at a Ducati day. Absolutely bonkers bike, insane fun but for a 200 mile trip, not a chance! Brutal acceleration, very vibey and no wind protection at all! Too late, thread is veered!
  8. If the cash value is the same as the replacement bike value (worth checking), take the cash and decide what you want then. Definitely worth getting a ground anchor though!
  9. Tough call. Might be worth having a chat with the local (non-dealer) bike and repair shops. Odds are this will have turned up somewhere nearby with a request for a new lock barrel as 'someone' had tried to steal it...
  10. Had something similar with a GSXR750. Really annoying tocking sound. Turned out the previous owner had put a conker in the air box to ward off nesting spiders!
  11. Wow, big decision! Good luck with whatever happens next and we'll see you on the outside!
  12. Katie1

    Bike cleaner

    Muc-off is great but you will need to rinse it off. A bucket and sponge will be required but you don't need a hose!
  13. Never give up, never surrender. Good for him! Just watched again but with the sound on. Good to hear the car driver teaching his children to be complete wankers too...
  14. Why make it up when you don't need to? Thank you life. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-36285814
  15. This goes out to all you summer-only bikers out there...
  16. After stopping laughing, I had to check if this was for real. Yup Check out some of the Amazon reviews, they're funnier than the advert! Might have to get one...
  17. There are whole generations out there who wouldn't have the faintest idea what you just said...
  18. Katie1

    New classics?

    As usual, we had some mental time (read that however you want!) on our hands over Xmas. So, this year's adventure was to update some classic quotes that we thought could be better... Could be from film or literature but the rule was, they have to be famous! So, here's ours, feel free to add Frankly my dear, not one fuck will be given. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. How’s never, is never good for you? And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it’s your fucking mobile
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