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  1. you did say you was struggling lol what did you never do
  2. cheers dt, its going to a shop on Monday morning although I don't want to spend a load of money lol I pulled it off in one go so I didn't touch the valves, it should of been a case of just putting it back together, it was running before I had the work done so theoretically it should of been a case of putting it back together lol what does it mean if tone of the spark plugs is more sooty than the other? yes, cleaning the carb was one of the first things I did after putting the head on due to it being stood for so long
  3. thank you task master, I only have one carb between the 2 pistons, do I have to balance one carb and if so how do I do that please? I also noticed today that the spark plug from the front cylinder is more sooty than the rear which to me (not knowing a great deal lol) would suggest that the front cylinder is the problem? but iv not touched the front cylinder lol please help lol
  4. ok should of known really lol iv also noticed that it says there an air screw on the top of the carb, do I need to adjust that or just leave it. is there anything else I can do to stop it running so rich?
  5. I have taken the spark plugs out and they are definatly the carbon fouled one. in that case I will look at the float level and the mixture screw. if I turn the mixture screw out im guessing it makes the mixture stronger and opposite for in? is the mixture screw air and fuel, just air or just fuel? thank you
  6. thank 2 wheels for the advice, ill double check everything fuel related, the plugs are normal blacky sort of colour. thanks dt, i understand now lol
  7. Thanks taskmaster, when choke is on it doesn't seem to want to run at all. Sorry dt there technical terms lol could you please explain a valve lash lol ill see what happens when the gas tank is open.
  8. thank you for the comments iv put a new air filter in so that's eliminated, the fuel tap is set to on, but once again when cold it will fire up first time then after its ran a little bit it doesn't want to tick over and it struggles to start when turned off, im very confused
  9. i have left in on PRI and it seems to be the same, when cold it will fire up first time and run, but then when warm if switched off it will struggle to start, im going to change the oil for new stuff although i dont think that will make a difference?
  10. hi neversaydie, yes there is a PRI on the fuel cock, i will try that when i finish work later, thank you
  11. thank you everyone for the feed back, theres not to much oil in the sump, the timing is also spot on, i am unable to do a compression test but the exhausts get equaly hot. it may sound very silly but the bike is easier to start when its cold and it appears to struggle as it gets hotter, it will tick over for a couple of minutes then just slowly shut off, then it struggles starting again.
  12. thank you task master and dt502001, everything with the carb is good and iv done the spray test and doesn't seem to react, I noticed today when I tried to fire it up that as it was trying there was a little black smoke from the exhaust, but when running theres no smoke, im absolutely stumped
  13. thank you everybody for your advise I found out that the bike was sucking in air from the bottom of the head so iv replaced the gasket and solved the sucking problem but the bike still appears to struggle starting, iv checked the timing and the carb, and it all appears to be ok, im very stuck now and cant figure it out, can someone please help
  14. thank you task master, yes iv done all the things you say it was running perfectly fine before I took the head off thank you airhead, im going to look into it further when I finish work today thank you both for the advise, ill let you know
  15. Hi everyone, my name is pete, I have a dragstar 125 and an sr 125, im am in the middle of working on the xvs and Iv posted a topic on the workshop page, hopefully to get some help thank you
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