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  1. So I unplugged the battery for around 40 mins yesterday just to see and rode to work today, I must say it seems to have improved! No light came on and it didn't seem to struggle, quite amazing how much power was lost. She seems a lot happier now. Thanks for you help guys!
  2. Sweet well ill try that first! Thank you very much!
  3. Thanks for the advice, it was super clean and tidy when I got it, a godsend really!
  4. The day I got my xvs650 classic Pillion seat for the wife For my solo rides, I love the rear fender line. I've added metzeller whitewall tyres, toolbag on front forks, took the screen off. I'm gonna drill the mufflers, relocate the number plate, fit new rear lights and add new handlebars maybe beach bars or something similar. All cosmetic at the mo until I can figure out other bits to do!
  5. I haven't checked the TPS yet, will look over the weekend. The £80 charge was just to see what was up with the bike, he said go somewhere cheaper. This was only a few days ago. I'll post up how it went and see If it solves the problem!
  6. Thanks very much man, I did go to a dealer and the guy advised me to go somewhere else as it was £80!! I will have a look into these and hopefully will have it running nice again!!
  7. Hey, I wonder if can help? I went for a ride the other day and as I reached around 60 mph my bike seemed to drop power for a split second and then a warning light come on! It stayed on till I stopped, turned engine off then it flashed 4 times then off then 4 flashes again. It almost seems that a high rev makes the light turn on. I changed spark plugs, air fIlter and changed oil and filter to boot! Still seems to happen? Any ideas out there?
  8. Hi as a new owner of a xvs650 dragstar classic, I thought I would join and say hello!
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