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  1. There's a really small space between the peg and gear, I wonder if its adjustable? Two lady owners, maybe been adjusted? Defo feels like there's not enough room to get toe up and under. Hmm, so double click up maybe?
  2. Frostdog

    My YBR 125

    The Noob getting started
  3. Thanks fellas, cbt was ace! The morning started off with just myself doing cbt, 2 other guys doing Direct Access. I had a Chinese bike Lexmoto (Indiana?) cruiser, totally changed my opinion on them. Felt great, built up my confidence slowly, gradually going through the gears before hitting the road. I felt the instructor Andy built me up, knocked me down (figuratively) built me up again so forth...then the time came for the open road. I felt pretty at ease, my main criticism was snappy clutch, letting out too quick and looking down (the bike had which gear selected) which was of great import
  4. Lol eh yeah live! Had a bit of a practice in garden tonight, loving first gear yep Defo noob lol
  5. Cheers, I'll go get some grease and have a go. It's due service and mot September so I'll try that for now. Looking forward to getting out the road to deeside, I love in the sticks, kintore so will be learning out where it's fairly quiet. Looking forward to reading the forum properly, I'm on the Subaru (forester xt) quite a lot. Trying to upgrade my membership now cheers everyone
  6. Thanks guys, got a ybr 125 2009 1400 miles got it for 1200, chuffed! Two lady owners, only prob chain a bit rusty
  7. Hi guys, just got my bike last night, CBT Monday so not ridden it on road yet! Looking forward to it, killing me seeing it there!! Looking forward to learning about biking, Cheers
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