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  1. Hi All, thanks for your thoughts, I use the diversion for work but finding it a bit tall and heavy for town work, I am a bit of a short**se and have problems reaching the floor, hence going for a cruiser for work. I have a Harley as a weekend bike and would love to use it every day but trying to keep the miles off of it.
  2. Hi All, I am thinking of part exing my Diversion for a custom, although I love the Diversion I prefer the low seat hight of custom bikes. The thing is I need to have a top box on my bike for work but have never seen a custom with one on, has anyone on here got one on there bike? and secondly, I have seen a 250 virago for sale, is the 250 any good or should I hold out for a 535 or 650 dragstar? I think my diversion must be worth around £1500 due to low miles, condition etc and I have around £500 to add to that, would I get something decent for that? appreciate anyones thoughts on this.
  3. beemer328

    xj 600 parts

    Thanks guys, I will look into it and post up what I find.
  4. beemer328

    xj 600 parts

    Thanks slice, any idea if the original chain is O ring ?
  5. beemer328

    xj 600 parts

    Hi drewpy, I wouldnt know what a good company would be so hope someone can give me a clue, I suppose all else failing it will have to be off to Yamaha.
  6. beemer328

    xj 600 parts

    Hi guys, I am looking at changing my fork seals and chain and sprockets, I want decent parts but without the expense of going to a Yam dealer, so, can any recomend somewhere that has good products at sensible prices please. Thanks, Gary
  7. Cheers Slice, I have used EBC on bikes before so I suppose I better get them then, there are some cheaper but never heard of the make so they could well be the bedroom fluff you mention. Thanks mate. Gary
  8. Me again, what brake pads would you recomend for the diversion, i hve seen EBC and ferrodo for £35 a set are these the ones to have or do you guys in the know use something else. I only use the bike for commuting and rarely go that fast so dont need racing jobbies. Thanks, Gary
  9. Nice one, thanks mate, I dont mind a bit of adjustment at that price. Many thanks, Gary
  10. Thanks slice, I have had a look and seems around £70 mark, but as there is so many dont want to buy a crap one, suppose its pay the money and take a gamble. Cheers for the info mate
  11. Hi All, I am thinking of getting a taller screen for the XJ or double bubble I believe they call them (not had anything with a fairing before) I want to keep a bit more of the weather off for winter riding. Are they any good and can ayone recomend a place to buy one withouth spending shedloads of cash. Many thanks, Gary
  12. sounds like I have no worries then, thanks guys. I must say the more miles I put on the better it is feeling.
  13. Doh, Too late. Mind you at 12000 miles I wouldnt think they would be that worn
  14. I have been using the redex and all seems ok apart from a bit lumpy on tickover, I have done around 600 miles since I started using redex. One thing I have noticed is that she is very clunky in the first 3 gears, is this natural on these bikes? the last service was about 130 miles ago but that was 2 years ago so I am going to do an oil and filter change this weekend and see if that improves it.
  15. Thanks for the info guys I will give em both a go.
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