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  1. thank you all for the congrats and thank you for letting me know about the details for the trx
  2. hi all just passed my A2 test and i have been doing some researching on a bike that takes my fancy a Yamaha TRX850 Age 19-20 - 47 bhp max: the A2 licence. This is where the rules become slightly complex. From the age of 19, you are permitted to take an A2 test (which must be taken on a bike of at least 395cc, with a power output of between 25kW/33bhp and 35kW/47bhp). If you don't already hold an A1 licence you will need to do a CBT beforehand, as always, and pass a theory test, before you take the practical test. Upon passing, the rider is restricted to bikes with a limit of 35kW/47bhp and a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 0.2kW/0.26bhp per kg, for two years. The power-to-weight ratio is an important qualification because it makes drawing a distinction between 'can ride' and 'can't ride' more nuanced than a simple bhp cap. In real terms, it imposes a minimum weight of 175kg for any bike using the full 47bhp, dashing hopes of super-lightweight 250s making a mockery of the bhp limit. It's relatively straightforward to restrict a bike, meaning you are not necessarily ruled out of riding the bike of your dreams - unless you are dreaming of anything 'more than twice' as powerful. Any bike originally making more than 94bhp is still out of reach of the A2 licence. this extract was taken from visor down and a TRX BHP can be restricted as it only put out 79 BHP but i dont know about the power-to-weight. if any one can give me more info about if i can ride this bike legally i would appreciate it. many thanks martin
  3. hi blackhat no it doesn't smoke after sitting on start up it just leaves alot of black soot on the back of my number plate and just noticed there are black drip stains coming out of the end of the muffler and just smells of a burnt charcoaly smell
  4. hi all to start off with my bike is the xt version but uses the same engine in the ybr and ttr the problem with the engine is that it eats oil (a lot) iv put two bottles worth in over the last 5 weeks there are no oil leaks what so ever from the engine but black soot accumulating from the exhaust but no horrible obvious smoke coming from the exhaust just wondering if this is common with this engine or is mine starting to tell me signs that something is wrong the engine has done about 20,000 miles since iv had it don't know the exact mileage due to dash going (common on xt) many thanks for reading martin
  5. hi same prob with mine it is the top end as i fixed it but when my engine warms up it returns and is really horrible as the revs get higher the noise gets louder
  6. hi all since my stock exhaust was rusted right through i brought a fuel end can and got a special link pipe made up and here is the end product. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rM5GlswJaFw (this is my own vid)
  7. hi all as you wondered i own a yamaha xt125x and the dashboard has never worked for till now the other day i went off roading with my mate and my bike got caked in mud the next day i gave it a good proper clean i mean i stripped the whole bike down to clean it when cleaning i thought I'd clean my dash as i still need it for my bike to work even tho i have a trail tech i dunked the dash into hot fairy iquid water as i though f*@k it and once i put my bike back together i switched the ignition on and to my wonder the original dash cam to life. ever since then it has not gone off but when it didn't work it has recorded the mileage since it broke on me.
  8. hi all my bike is nearly due an MOT but i know the exhaust wont pass as it is a rusty tube and has a hole appeared and is blowing what is the best alternative because yamaha want stupid money for a new stock end can and cannot find one cheap aftermarket one on ebay anywhere so any ideas of any exhast that is cheap and will pass the MOT cheers martin
  9. both bikes use the same bottom end parts but the ybr in the newer models have fuel injection and old ones use carbs the xt's engines even the newer ones use carb so the heads will be different
  10. hi all just wondering what the score is on the law for the noise of exhaust and what one is best for my yamaha xt125x as my stock can is a rust bucket and soon will be blowing holes out on it what is the best can to fit that will comply with the uk laws martin
  11. hello everybody i have a yamaha xt125x and the carb is a mikuni 3d6 just wondering what size jets fit best into this carb and what model this model is closest to as i cannot find this modle anywhere on mikuni's website
  12. hi just to mention the break systems seals have gone both on the caliper and the master cylinder so the reason for not bleeding properly cheers for all the help as it helped me very much but after nothing happening it came down to stripping the whole lot down to find out the problems cheers martin
  13. to start with i changed my pads and i had to push the piston in to compensate for the extra pad as they are new but now when i bleed the system to get good pressure but the piston is not moving and fluid is just passing straight through and no pressure is being put onto the piston. i now have no front brake till i get this sorted
  14. just to let you know the air mixture screw is under the carb and is a bugger to get to but i am also very intreged about the exhaust system as mine is completly stock and runs like a pig (slow,boggy and a bore to ride but very comfortable and spongy ride) also could yuo put links up as i dont know where to get the parts from hope to here more in this post soon
  15. hi grouch i have the same sort of problem as you but its holding well but it makes a horrable rattle noise when changing form neutral to first and i am getting worried when it will go like yours and i am hoping you will find out the problem
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