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    1989 Yamaha dtr 125
  1. Id have fu manchu- squash that fly while green laning on my dt.
  2. Id revamp my dtr then have an r6, a r1, a XT600 then finally a kawasaki ninja zx6r. So mostly yams but a ninja has always been my dream ride.
  3. Hey guys after finding out i had a poorly fitted dtmx50 exhaust i have ordered a used big one exhaust more suited to my dt125r so was just seeing if there would be any interest in it after i have removed it. Its a dep can and pics can be supplied/emailed. Thanks.
  4. Right not had alot of time to do too much as have been out in the sun on my dt so only have got a couple of bits done this week. new grips and replacement lever the old rear brake was snapped. New mirrors and after a little hassle the adapters for the threads too. And finally some new rubber turned up today ready to be fitted. Anyone know if these have to be balanced when fitted?
  5. mucker1983

    Project Generic XOR

    A little project to get my teeth into.
  6. Will look into it then do enjoy my music wouldn't want to miss that or the sound of my bike.
  7. Ah ok thanks for the advice mate.
  8. How would i do that? The solenoid clicks but that's it at the mo.
  9. Yeah can never be too hot in this country I've been to ibiza and Egypt when they had heat waves now that was hot. This is just lovely and warm.
  10. Cheers noise. Am quite pleased myself paint work next then new starter later.
  11. Looks like a nice bike. You can't beat a free bike.
  12. Quick video of a first kick start after carb clean new battery new plug and cap. http://youtu.be/qKC7F5jX-Yk 100% 100%
  13. Well im already in the tinnitus club so too late for me.
  14. Couple of update pics.
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