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  1. Hi ya, if its your pride and joy its well worth the investment as i mean i have 4 recording cameras 24/7 3 lights outside 1 alsation and locked gate at side of house then shed locked and bike locked with disc lock and chan and lock and to finish off it has a meta 357t v2 on the bike.maybe a little over the top but hey i really dont want it nicked as to much hassle claiming. cheers, gsx 1250 fa st.
  2. Thank you all,i can live with it as its not that bad but just at certain revs but love the bike as looking to due more touring this year hence why i got rid of the yamaha xj6s for a bigger machine with the luggage, many thanks again. GSX 1250 FA ST.
  3. Hi all, dos an injection model bike still need to have the injections balanced like the carbs do on an older bike? as my gsx 1250 fa st 2010 model. may be running slightly rough as when i rev the engine up their seems to be a lot of viabration coming though to the fronf fairing some how unless its how it should be? cheers all who answer...
  4. Singed,you take a life you should do LIFE.....
  5. Hi all, as for your comments thanks but having doubts really as never had a suzuki before especially like the 1250 fa st but its a big jump from the xj6s yamaha 600cc so not sure what to exspect as not a fast or mad rider at all.cheers. wallywant xj6s.
  6. Hello all, just a note if you want me to leave the site then i will but just saying that as of this week i wont be a yamaha chap as got my self a suzuki 1250 fa st for touring this year and many more years after that i hope as need to get out more.cheers every one. wallywant xj6s/falo fa st.
  7. Hi and thats before rush hour lol wallywant xj6s.
  8. Thanks again pilninggas as all is good and work a treat. wallwant xj6s.
  9. Hi thanks for your input as will try and see if it matches up to your information as hope it does but cant seem to see any thing wrong with bike..regards. wallywant xjs6
  10. Hi, jus a note to ask xj6 owners within a couple of years other side of mine as to ask how fast should you be going in 6th gear and doing 3000 rpm as i seem to be doing around 35 ish which i think is right but would like a secound opinon please as it seems to want to faster as when doing around 60 mph i open the it up it seems like it want to go flat out with out changeing gear to get their if it makes sence.cheers for all replys. wallywant xj6s.
  11. Thanks slice.yeah me too drive a car as well so wont put my bike or my self at risk during winter months due to weather but will of coarse cover exhaust for time its not in use. xj6s.
  12. Hi all, happy xmas & new year. I wont be using my xj6s much over winter so was asking in stead of storing for a few months do you think it will be ok to start up and run once or twice a week till I need to use it.as I don't want to put it to sleep for so many months. Many thanks for all reply's. cheers xj6s.
  13. Thank you every one as all sorted now, the old nuts were rusty and edges pretty worn so was lucky to get off with out any damage. so now all looking clean and with stainless nuts and while it was off I paint the front half of the engine with heat paint and to say it looks good if I may say so my self. cheers xj6s.
  14. Hi.looking at removing my exhaust on my xj6s to clean up and paint and remove the stones that sit on top of the exhaust just before the box. Would you recommend that I replace the manifold gasket x 4 or could I reuse these? although my bike is approx. 30 months old but before I had it its been used in the British weather and tarnished it.also thing of replacing the nuts what hold the exhaust on to the manifold with stainless steel ones. Would this be wise do you think. many thanks. xj6s.
  15. I currently have my camera on my handle bars on the xj6s though the screen but was thinking is this practical or would you put it on the side of the crash helmet for better performance bearing in mind it may fall off? not sure really what to do. Cheers for the advice.
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