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  1. It'll be due about a month after I've got it back on the road, looking at June for Tax renewal, MoT is due in July as well :')
  2. For some reason, the synthetic oil is 'too slippy', mainly because it's manufactured through chemicals and all sorts of other nonsense, I know the synthetic stuff can - but not always cause clutch slip whereas a semi-synthetic oil wouldn't of. If it's been used without problems before then I shouldn't see why it would but there's always a possibility for anything..
  3. This is the problem with the higher bars is the cable length, I've got the old 90's XJ 600 and I actually raised my rear suspension, lowered the bars but extended them an extra 2" or so and straightened them a touch (Pretty much the Renthal Ultra-Low set), but I know that they're long enough to reach but because they feed through the frame and over the top of the engine anyway, they're pretty much as hidden as they can get as well so that's not a problem. Still yet to try out the new bars under extreme riding tests so all of this changing around is still just theoretical until I've actually ridden it :') But generally if your putting forward pressure on the bars its a case of lowering the suspension and raising the bars slightly so you get the right horizontal angle of your arms in relation to your body and the bike.
  4. It'll be a mixture of the seating position and the height of the handlebars. The best thing to try (On the earlier XJ models) is to adjust the shock height using the tool with the kit (Or take it to a garage) so it's lower, if not then could be worth putting higher bars on so your arms are at a flatter position almost horizontal to the bike - if that makes sense?
  5. Haha well spotted, I actually re-taxed it for 6 months because I was only planning on the bike being off the road for 3-4months or so, still insured as well
  6. Had to take the bike off the ramp and put it to one side a few times but I've had my own ramp set-up with the chassis for a good month or so now, all my work for it has been based around it so the tutor has left me to it :') The course itself is fantastic, covers a wide variety of things you'll come across in a garage working on diagnostics and stuff, got all the equipment for use on bikes as well: Tyre machine, pressurised air lines, solvent and water parts washes, stack tool boxes, computer diagnostic equipment. It's all there
  7. Decided the engine needed a new lick of paint as well, so this is what it now looks like: Sump: Rocker cover: Engine mounts: Sprocket cover and clutch cover: Engine casings: New main bearings are now in place: All parts ready for the engine build:
  8. After the engine was stripped and I was awaiting delivery of parts and other various things, I decided to take at a few things while the bike was stood around. First on the agenda was a carburettor strip and clean because they were suspect for causing a flat spot from about 2,500 to 3,000 rpm: I forgot to take a picture of the state of them before I put them through an ultrasonic cleaner but here's a picture of them after when I was putting the floats and jets back in: Put new LED indicators on and soldered up the LED Relay to the original Relay: Stripped the lights, clocks and brackets off the front: Painted the clock bracket: Got some ultra-low Renthal bars: New handlebar grips and bar-end mirrors: Polished up the exhaust to a mirror finish:
  9. Yeah his name's Jason, we both might know your son thinking about it?
  10. Don't suppose you know the Waterworths do you? They are in Allendale, proper Honda fanatics, good mates with the lad who rides a Streetfightered CBR 600F. Single sided swing arm from the 750 CBR? I'm up at Weston near enough opposite Weston Motorcycles.
  11. No split link in the cam chain unfortunatly, not one in the new one either, Yamaha genuine ones dont have them for mine. Yeah the cam chain gives the XJ the 'Yamaha rattle' on mine but this was literally rattling its balls off, wasn't healthy at all. No Tommy they don't have a motorcycle workshop there, I go to Mid-Cheshire in Hartford.
  12. For anyone who fancies the look I've put up what the score is with mine here:
  13. Got my bike back in November off a guy in Irlam. Off eBay the ad boasted the bike in fairly descent condition, looking to move to a bigger bike, restricted (As I need to be) and a few other odds and ends. Seemed a little too good for the £700 they were asking for it, but went up to see it anyway. Bike was pretty much as described when I got there, paintwork wasn't fantastic, engine was pretty grubby, covered in oil where the gaskets hadn't been replaced when they should have and when he turned the engine on - Rattled like F**k! Owner said it was "Something to do with the oil pump.." which is ridiculous, the oil pump is tiny and wouldn't cause a noise like that. Despite the noise I found the money for the bike and to insure it and went to pick it up. again the engine was rattling its nackers off but rode around all night until 4am early the next morning. Ended up running out of fuel half way down the M56 towards Chester - But that's a story for another day :') A week later and an engine diagnostic on the noise from my tutor developed into a suspect stretched cam chain and worn tensioners which all seemed fair. So two days later I brought the bike in for what was only meant to be three weeks at the latest only to find that after a partial engine strip that the cam chain is only accessible via a complete engine strip. After dismantling the engine to every single component another problem occurs in the form of the big end bearings were shot requiring replacement! After a further three months of waiting for information of two independent mechanics, no colour codes were visible on the bearings meaning I was not able to order any! After that bumming bit of news I decided to order a second hand crankshaft that come supplied with big end bearings and con-rods. For £45 inc. delivery off eBay it was a steal, especially considering it's almost like new. So as it stands today, I received new main bearings to fit the new crank into the casings ready to be built up tomorrow and the following week. The pictures here are from when the engine was taken apart 4 months ago and more pictures will be added to this topic as I begin the rebuild Rocker cover off: Clutch: Clutch and basket taken out: Head removed: Barrels removed: Crankcase halves split: Discolouration on the crankshaft (A common fault): Grubby pistons: Cleaned up gasket mating surfaces: Before: After: More picture as everything progresses will follow up as soon as I get a chance to take them and upload them to Photobucket
  14. Cheers, a 'few' more pictures to come - Watch this space.. Or rather, that space
  15. On top of how to post pictures, which thread would be the best to post a load of pictures to on the engine strip I've done?
  16. Hahah, good point. My bikes currently at College where I'm doing the work and you'd be surprised how that many vices come in handy sometimes :')
  17. Cheers for that DT, shame you can't just upload a picture directly to the forum but no matter, can put all of the pictures on Photobucket now instead. This is what my bike, looked like 4 months ago:
  18. How do I upload pictures into this bit I've typed into?
  19. Yeah man, like you mentioned above I had my location set to Cheshire but for the likes of this topic it'd be easier for people to locate me if it's set to Runcorn, just in case the Google Maps it to get their bearings so to speak.. Where abouts are you based?
  20. See if you can get in touch with a Yamaha main dealer and give them your engine number/frame number and see if they can identify when it was registered, I gave mine to Wigan Yamaha to order some parts and judging by his reaction to entering the number, he got a screen with all the information of my bike. Worth a try
  21. Iridium spark plugs have a better insulator which keeps them hotter basically. Standard plugs dissipate the heat a lot quicker. Personally I wouldn't touch Iridium plugs because I've seen the damage they can cause (Not saying they all do it, but a few engines ruined just by them is enough to turn you away from them). The best place to get the plugs from would definatly be your local independant dealer, main dealer or Halfords. You'll pay more at the dealers though.
  22. Runcorn, Cheshire Currently training as a motorcycle mechanic at College which proves fairly useful from time to time Due to my current bike and the previous owners lack of concern, I have advanced knowledge on the internals of the XJ 600 N/S Air cooled engine.. Unfortunately don't have certain tools at home to completely strip one though. Can do a full service, basic diagnostic, fit components others may be unsure about and make brews
  23. May have a few once my engine is built in the next week or two.
  24. Glad I got my A category before all of this come about, although restrictions are still pretty crap, roll on next year when I can take them out
  25. Very new to all of this forum stuff, but been after a descent website to join to for a while, so here goes nuttin'!: I'm Ben, still a bit of a toddler at the mere age of 19. Currently riding/rebuilding a '92 XJ 600 (The naked air cooled model). I'm part of an MCC - Streetfighters Cheshire MCC. All bikes customised are a specialty. Now I know a lot of people don't like the idea of a Streetfightered motorcycle but everyone is entitled to their own likes and others, their opinions, but that doesn't hold me against any other type of bike at all. City & Guilds qualified Engineer and training IMI Motorcycle Mechanic, I can usually help with most faults with bikes (but nothing extensive in electrical theory/components - Never understood electrics much) so give me a shout if anything may be troubling you.
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