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  1. Plug should be fine but doesn't hurt to check, cheers.
  2. No worries, its hard to get the right tone in writing. I intend to take it to a shop today only posting here in the hope that I might have some idea of what it might be rather than going in blind to advice which might be more motivated towards getting several hours of labour out of me than actually being helpful! I'm going to be getting rid of it in a few months so I'm not mega worried but I'd rather sell it to someone running properly
  3. I described the issue as best I could narrowed it down as much as I could, and gave an assumption that I was hoping might be confirmed but someone who had experienced similar. I wouldnt be asking for help if I didnt think it mattered mate I appreciate what you mean, but the least I can do is surely ask some friendly helpful people on the internet about it before I take it to a shop and get charged a fortune to fix something I could do myself? Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I've come back for a bit of advice on my little ybr. I've got it up to 23 k miles now and in the last week I've noticed a whirring type noise coming from the left hand side (chain side) of the engine when its warm (can't notice it when its cold) Also when I turn it off it makes a final whirr, kind of like when you press the button to turn a hoover on but not hard enough so it just goes for a second, that sort of whirring/motor type noise (sorry thats the best way I can describe it) Now I have tried turning the bike off with it in gear and the clutch held in so I doubt it
  5. First off, please introduce yourself in the new members area and tell us a bit about you if you want etc. As regards your bike is there any specific symptoms such as lots of vibration/noise etc? Could be a number of things, such to say my YBR 125 is very slow despite being in perfect working order Have you checked the obvious things like chain tension, tyre pressures and servicing etc?
  6. Hi there, is there a rough mileage at which you would expect to want to be replacing the cam chain/tensioner? My ybr is coming up on 17k and I'm starting to hear what I think is a bit of ticking, the valves could probably use checking but they won't be massively out as I only checked them about 5-6k ago. I change the oil every 1500 miles so it shouldn't be a lubrication problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated, also is there anything else I should be thinking about at this sort of mileage? Cheers
  7. Yeah I know what you mean about it, they are so narrow when you look at them lol. As others have said though, Michelin Pilot Sporty tyres are fantastic. Rode all through the winter without wanting for more grip, those are a great investment before you go down the road of what would be a colossal ballache.
  8. Most important question would be why?
  9. That does sound a bit soon but I had a cheap set on mine when I bought it and they only did 4k before I had to replace them. Replaced with a D.I.D heavy duty set and I've done 6k on this set still with a good amount of life left. Would deffo reccomend the DID stuff, its much cheaper than OEM too. Warranty wise its a wearable part so I'll doubt it'll be covered unfortunately, how often did you clean/adjust the chain?
  10. Firstly, I wouldn't bother with an aftermarket one because you will loose power where its a more free flowing system and the engine wont be set up for it. In terms of the ones for the older models they should fit, I know an '05/'06 pipe will go on the newer non facelift models so I assume they should work on newer ones. Problem with that is the '05/'06 pipes don't have the hose for the air recirculation I think, so you might have a problem with getting it MOT'd (although that's very unlikely) What is the problem, is the one you have broken?
  11. I found that too, put a CR7HIX in and it made the engine knock, so I've gone back to the normal CR6HSA and its a lot smoother. One thing I've found though is changing the rubbers on the spark plug cap and giving the HT lead a good going over with silicon oil made it a bit smoother when it was wet, not so much now its starting to dry out but still worth a go.
  12. Hello, fairly new rider (august last year) riding a ybr and mainly here for the workshop as I'm after some advice but would also like to contribute where I can obviously
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