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  1. Ive had that all weather biker treatment done on the bike and the nice chap who did it said it had been lowered , as i am very cluess with this sorting of thing i was after help
  2. Having just read the above i am now ccovinced that i want a fj1200 to replace my xj600 pre diversion i having been looking at both the fj 1200 and the xj 900 but i want a fj1200
  3. Does anybody know if it can be done ? And how you do it also are there and benefits to it dies it decrease or increase handleing
  4. Thanks for help ive booked it in for the carbs to cleaned and ill take it from there
  5. Im not very mechanically minded if its broken it goes the garage, My question is i have a lovely xj600 i looking to improve its performance and up grade some parts on it your help and advice would be greatly appreciated many thanks
  6. Just after a bit of help and info if i get my carbs cleaned and balanced will that improve my bikes performance and fuel economy, and is it worth doing ? The bike is my pride and joy and used daily she just flew threw her mot without any dramas only a new tyre, sorry to be naive , im chef good with food not good with bikes if its broken it goes to mike the bike man any help greatly appreciated
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