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    1977 hardtail xs650 with 81 engine crf250 z400 eliminator kx250 ktm250 yzf426 apache 110 quad

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  1. xswilz


  2. yeah them are springers,,old looking harley 50s? yeah a little bitter i think from having to give up license,and the weathers decided to be fair!
  3. xswilz


    loads of trick bits!
  4. yeah pretty fucking aesthetics! awfull in another persons OPINION! whatever your into building chops coz ya cant work and had your license taken of of you coz of EPILEPSY maybe! and need to keep the mind occupied before you go buy something stupid like a tdr thats worth more than all the bikes put together or something espesialy harldy worthits like the 77 cb750 chop i sold last year for 3and a half grand a 88 tdr would fetch more or maybe a shit dt from the 80s as 80s are the classic era !!!!or rc and plastic little toys,, sarcasm love it ,,,pure haters why? why go on and slag some shit down without atleast saying in your opinion,,,,,fucking some grown ups just make conversation even if deep down they know what springer forks are but a bit of banter or whatever,,,but you get some idiot who thinks they are being clever,,but being a hater instead! some try and be serious (with a serious question) but you always get the ass,,,so fucking what its your opinion,,,who gives a shit? just like noise mate i say the same d.i.l.l.i.g.a.f
  5. xswilz

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  6. hello there bit of a newb to this,,springers needed for 1977 hardtail bobber/chop project for less than 400 quid in the uk cheers
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