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  1. Once you've got good visibility of the road ahead then I don't see a problem with it. The only real time I've had an issue with it was a few years ago, circa 2006. Driving to work everyday down a highway that would be filled in every lane with traffic moving at 5mph, I and all the rest of the bikers would drive down a two foot strip of road that was just on the outside of the overtaking lane before the grass diverge; That was all well and good, most cage drivers would let us go by, maybe swearing at us under their breath, but none the less not causing us any hassle, but I had a number of instances where trucks would wait until the last minute, just as I was coming up to their tail end, and then veer out across the two foot road and sometimes even in to the grass diverge, all just to hinder my progressing. It actually made my drive to work really nerve wracking at that time.
  2. Hi Folks, I'm having trouble with my Xvs 125 Dragstar 2000 model. I always do my own services and repairs, but this is my first time cracking open the engine, so it's all been a nit exciting. Anyhow, it's all taken apart and filed neatly on my garage desk. I have now reached the point where I am in need of a workshop manual for details. Basically I'm changing the piston rings and need to know the timing to set up. Well that'd be the first detail I need, I'm sure there will be others, hence my search for a manual. So it'd help immensely if someone could obligingly share a workshop manual with me. Cheers
  3. Ha, reminds me of that scene in the Robin Williams film, Toys, when he's driving the dodgem to his fathers funeral. Still, I can't see you fitting the weekly shopping in there
  4. Ha, I know I shouldn't like this, but a part of me does. Absolutely ridiculous, but it's still a lot better looking than any of the mopeds I've seen.
  5. One of my most hated word in relation to bikes, 'puncture'. I went through a phase two years ago when for a stretch of six months I got a puncture once a month. I'd no choice but to drive down this dodgy road to college and it was constantly littered with rubbish. One week a washing machine, the next three bags of fertiliser.... . Still, soul destroying it was and made me rather paranoid about cornering as I kept second guessing the handling on my bike and wondering if the bike would slip out on me.
  6. Damn that's good to know. My 125 Dragstar's in need of a new exhaust too, I was thinking of visiting a bike breakers locally to see if I could dig up something as my local Yamaha dealer quoted me €1100 befor VAT for a new one Failing that I'll likely just weld the thing myself.
  7. Good day folks, well it is here at least, which probably means I should be expecting snow tomorrow, what with the randomness of weather Ireland encounters I drive a Yamaha Dragstar xvs125, which I've had since I was twenty one, I'm twenty eight now and it's still doing me well, its recently passed the 42000Km mark so I wouldn't say I've done much driving on it in the years. I've ridden a few other bikes since such as a Racing Aprilia 125, a Lexmoto xtr125, a Sinnis Vista 125, all my little brothers bikes, as you can imagine none of these have tempted me to part with my dragstar in the least. My only experience riding a larger bike has been on a Honda CB400 Super Four which I needed to rent to take my driving test as Ireland has a minimum size restriction of 250cc on which the test must be conducted. I'll admit that I did love the difference in the drive, so I've been thinking of getting myself a Yamaha FZ6. I do all my own maintenance,like many of you I'm sure. I usually get my dad to give me a hand too even though I can manage on my own, it's sort of bonding thing and as he used to have a few bikes around thirty years ago rekindles his interest each time. Anyhow, this is what's led me to this fine area of the web, we're currently in the process of changing the piston rings and find ourselves in need of a workshop manual for certain specifics. Naturally I've done a search through the site and understand the copyright laws preventing links to such unauthorised material remaining active, but it'd help me immensely, and effectively get me back on the road after a few months of downtime, if someone could point me in the right direction to obtaining a copy of one, or if someone could share one with me that'd be even better. Many thanks, and I look forward to engaging in the community.
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