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  1. thanks for the reply would it be best to put some rad flush through the system or is there an easier way to clear it out
  2. It sounds like the woodruff key has snapped take the flywheel off 'that brake drum looking thing' using a flywheel extractor and you will see a groove cut out where the crank shaft slots through this is a locator for the woodruff key then look on the crank shaft that you've pulled the flywheel off and you should find whats left of the woodruff key. should be able to find a new one on ebay only like £5 for new one
  3. Hi I have just recently bought a k reg tdr 125 and it keeps nearly overheating I switch it off just before it goes into the red after about 5 mins of riding, ive fitted all new hoses as one was split and iv already checked the thermostat is opening so I cant work out why its getting so hot so quick, I have noticed that when I start the bike all the coolant is forced back up the rad and out through the expansion bottles overflow pipe at the back of the bike. any suggestions on what is causing this problem would be much appreciated thanks.
  4. Hi my name is Chris I'm new to this and was wind wondering if any one could help me on how to derestrict my 1993 tdr 125 as its fully restricted so won't pull above 60mph
  5. Hi does anybody know where I can get some 90/90/17 and 100/90/18 tyres and a aftermarket performance exhaust for a 2rk model tzr 125? Thanks chris
  6. Ile keep an eye on oil level but hasn't semt to drop yet
  7. Does anyone know the carb settings for having,the pv pinned fully open and it does take off like a rocket [email protected] 7000rpm
  8. Its cured the problem for the moment it had fouled the spark before and i cant,figure out why,its fouling them when its the standard carb settings
  9. I shal go buy a new one try it and let you know
  10. The plug colour is black and yes it used to go all the way to the redline
  11. The coil ht lead and cap are all only a few weeks old but will check theres something rattling around in the exhaust so could that cause any problems?
  12. I checked and cleaned the carb yesterday and still getting the same problem
  13. ive fixed the pv leak and it has a standard 180 jet and if it was the jetting why has the problem only just come about while I was ridding it do you know?
  14. Thanks for reply any ideas on how I can solve the problem?
  15. Hi my first time on here and was wondering if anybody could help me ive just finished a restoration project my 2rk tzr and its been running and riding like a dream when yesterday it was riding fine all through the rev range and when I went to give it some when it reached the powerband @7000rpm it started spluttering and the revs wouldn't clime its completely fine when in neutral just reving engine but as soon as you go round block on it its spluttering in every gear. The power valve is pinned fully open and I have noticed it is leaking round the pv caps on each side of the barrel. Please help
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