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    Riding my 1st bike. Enjoy touring with boyfriend on his BMW 1200RT.Music.
  1. lzn

    tavelling abroad

    Can anyone help me? I am going to be touring france and Spain in two weeks and would like to know if leathers will be ok to wear or should I wear my manmade kit? i have never been out of England before and don't want to be too hot.
  2. Thank you for your suggestions. I can't wear thick gloves either for the same reasons, no control. Think I will try the Oxford heated grips like your hubby and get my boyfriend to fit them for me. Didn't realise how cold biking can be as I'm usualy just sat on the back of my boyfriends bike and he has a screen which seems to protect us from the wind. Roll on summer
  3. Hi need advice on getting heated grips for my YBR 125 custom. It is my first bike and as I only just started riding I'm finding my hands getting very cold. Any suggestions on what to buy and how easy is it to fit them?
  4. lzn


    Hi I'm Helen and I've just passed my cbt this week. I have a new Yamaha YBR custom, which I chose as I found most bikes to tall for my 5ft frame. I am a rather mature new rider and so just been out on my bike around my local streets until I get used to giving the throttle some welly!! Unlike most young riders this is not natural to me yet. Can't wait to feel more confident and riding out with my boyfriend to Elan valley.
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