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  1. I shall have a check! What's the best way to check it? I read somewhere that putting a little shaving down on suspect areas and revving the bike would show me where the leak is, any validity to that? shall check that, too. I live in Wales, mate.. Its always dark! :') Edit: Here's the video; https://youtu.be/3MrVPmGv4PI
  2. Hey guys, I bought a new starter motor and put the old battery in and it started first time, on the button, no choke! But now, it's being strange. It'll idle fine, rev like half throttle nice, but if it goes over half throttle, it'll just stop accelerating and go just over idle speed. It doesn't cut out at all! But, now and again, it'll rev all the way up fine? I have a video if it'll help. I tried new fuel, made no difference. I'm getting new plugs, new air filter and going to check the wires to the coils as ice moved the coils to stop water flicking up on them. Ill also check for vacuum le
  3. My pride and joy (Which is currently an electrical mess) I put some bars from a CB250 on there, may even go flatter. Definitely going to bobber her though! Previous owner dropped her, that's where there's a dent in the exhaust and some shitty filler over the indicator!
  4. Cheers for that, I'll have to get one of these in! Thanks so much for that, that'll definately come in handy at some point!
  5. Indeed! I tried testing my rectifier with the multimeter, but it turns out my ghetto multimeter doesn't have a diode testing function! Any other ways to test it? I'm also begining to think the battery my uncle got me is utter crap, it's only 12v 5ah but I have no idea of the cold cranking amps?
  6. Thanks for the reply! I'll have to go over it all with the multimeter, and I've been thinking of soldering on the crimp connectors to gert a bit of a better connection, is it worth it? I hope it's something as silly as just a dodgy wire, then all I have to do do is find the culprit and hopefully, when I hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards.. Checkmate... or something along those lines!
  7. Enjoyed that! Can't wait until I can move on to somthing bigger! Looking foward to the 'Wow, fuck' you describe! :')
  8. Weight saving, I was, always trimming things down! I definitely think it's the Nightjar, it's just quite far away so im hearing the change in pitch as different breaths or something, but that sounds quite similiar just louder. Didn't really recognise any of them owls.. the dog enjoyed, though! :')
  9. I think it's definately a bird, I hadgehogs in my garden before so I know that sound.. I think it's either Noises briliant suggestion of Husky Busky Bird of St snoresville or a Nightjar.. whatever it is, I want to catch it and eat it. It's quite annoying!
  10. At night, I keep hearing a noise coming from outside which sounds like a husky snoring, at first I though my next door neighbour was sleeping with the window open. But tonight, when I was push starting my bike, around half 9 maybe 10 oclock, I saw this bird circling around the mountain which i instantly thought was one of the two peregrin falcons that live on the mountin by me. but, upon googling, they don't make a noise that's anything like snoring! I'm at a bloody loss, I;ve been googling for ages and I just want to know which creature I have to blame for the bloody noise! Anyone
  11. Okay, I'm getting annoyed with this thing now, electrical faults everywhere. I have no idea what the previous owner done, but there's a fuse there, and it's wired up horrendously. it's the fuse coming straight from the batter, I'm guessing it's the main fuse, it's big, yellow and 20A. Strat with a positive, all the block connectors (Apart from the R/R) are pretty damn clean. Now, I sometimes turn the bike on, and nothing works, at all. But, if I fiddle with the other fuse, a smaller looking, glass 15A fuse with brown wires coming from it (I'm guessing it's the indicator fuse or somethi
  12. Indeed I did start disconnecting and cleaning them, then I got to the one for the reg/rec and discovered the black wire going to the reg/reg was all burned at the connector, I have a multimeter handy but I'm not sure the best was to test things. It's my understanding that the black is the earth and the reg/rec, according to the multimeter, is still earthed. could it be burned out? I never looked at it before, but the battery was deffinately charging before it was left out. I did take it for a spin around the block and it was running the same, then there was a bit of a backfire and it
  13. Well, we got the beast started! It's not perfect, though. Electric start now does nothing and the neutral light wont come on aaaand if i out the stand down in neutral, it cuts out (It didn't before) so something electrical is fucked, I'm guessing like, dodgy earth or something? I took it around the block a few times, it would rev up to a certain amount then not rev any more unless i pumped the throttle, so I'm guessing I didn't do an awesome job of cleaning the carb or there's shit in the tank blocking it again. I'm happy it runs lat all though, I was starting to lose hope, hahaa :
  14. Thanks for the tips, shall try when I get home tonight! I may move the coils, I was complaining a while back about poor perfomance in wet weather and I assumed it was water flicking up at the coils, then I found this today http://viragotechforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=36596 I think it's definately worth a shot! Also, I've been using this manual, I was told the 250 is pretty much the 125 http://www.groussin.com/multi/XV250.pdf Any good?
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