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  1. combat41

    xs 250 coils

    Hi everyone I am building a 1978 Yamaha xs 250 I purchased some new coil a few years back does anybody know if the x2 terminals matter which wire goes on what as there are no markings ? Also I have been looking on line and the price of coils seem to vary in price from £15 each to £30 each has anyone else experienced this ?
  2. combat41


    You should be able to get another caliper for this a different make your Yamaha theres a guy I use I know its a long way from you but he's in Penzance in Cornwall look him up on facebook he's called Bentley Motorcycles he's very knowledgeable about yamahas, Hope this is of some help
  3. Hello everybody, Not been on here for a while, I am currently building a 1978 xs 250 from scratch into a bobber. I have gone for an 18 inch front wheel and a 16 inch rear. The rear wheel came from a 250 custom model the rear tyre size is 120/90-16 ( standard size ) I am looking for the largest tyre I can get on the rear for that fat look, Does anyone know or has anyone experimented with this size tyre ?? I currently have an 140/90B-16 AVON AV72 77H R RF COBRA on the rear, The wheel will fit on only it is ( standing at the rear of the machine) very close to the swing arm on the R.H.S. and very close to the chain on the L.H.S. Has any one had any experience with this?? I have maybe been thinking of a 130/90-16 ?? Can anyone advise
  4. Hello help I've just got a rs 200  did they have a oil tank from stock or was it always pre mix in tank?

  5. combat41

    Xs400/ xs 250

    Hi does anyone know what a ' Headlight Relay/Starting cut off relay is on an xs 400 is ?' Is this required on an xs 250 ?? as I cannot seem to find one as I am installing a wiring harness with not able to find much information ??
  6. combat41

    Yamaha xs 250

    Many thanks I will have a look as where I have the wiring loom the condenser is in that sort of area but unable to find anything on the frame to mount it
  7. combat41

    Yamaha xs 250

    Hi everyone does anyone know of the location of the Condenser on an xs 250 ?? putting the wiring harness back but unable to find it's proper location, Can anyone Help a picture would be good
  8. Hi everyone I have a 1978 xs 250 does anyone know if the x2 rear engine mounting bolts and the front bolts on the xs 400 would work on the 250 ??. Or does anybody know where I could purchase any of these bolts from ??
  9. combat41

    Yamaha XS250 1978

    Hey Unk I have been restoring an xs 250 just seen your post those triple trees on the top of the forks I took mine off, Removed the paint with some 120 grit wet and dry then used 400, then 600 then finished off with 1200 wet and dry then I polished them, They came up a treat very shiny can see my face in them now, Good luck with the resto project.
  10. Dirty DT, so do you think a 4.00-18 would fit on the front without the tyre touching the forks ??
  11. Can anyone help I have an xs 250 project under way and I want to know will a Dunlop 4.00-18 tyre fit onto the front wheel ?? I currently have an Avon Road Rider 100/90-18 on the front the wheel is a 1.85-18, I have been told that a 4.00-18 you cannot get un yet I have seen a few bikes with these sizes tyres on with the same wheels, I think the guy in the garage where I purchased the Avon from just wanted the sale and doesn't know the meaning of customer service, I was charged £90 for the Avon and since seen it on line a lot, lot cheaper, The tyre I am thinking of is a Dunlop 4.00-18 does anyone know if this will fit ????
  12. Hi there is a place where I live here in Plymouth Devon called Art Attack, their number is 01752 651586, I needed a Honda badge for my xr 250 Honda and they made me 4 transfers for £10, It was Honda with the wings on top, They have a computer that will print off what he has got in his catalogue , All I had to do was give them a card the outline size and they produced the size I wanted, They are on Facebook as well as their own website give them a call.
  13. Hi Everyone, Does any body know the dimensions of a fuel tank on an sr125/xv 125 or a xv250 fuel tank ?? I am trying to work out if one of these tanks would fit a 1978 Yamaha xs 250 frame as I am building a bobber and the tank I currently have I think is too long and I want a shorter one. The dimensions are length of tank, width of tank inside/underside, distance between rubber mounting points at front of tank ? the current tank I have is an xs 400 fits fine however I would like it to be shorter, Can anyone help
  14. I am currently building a bobber from a 1978 Yamaha xs 250 has anyone ever used a electronic ignition ?? I have found one made by newtronic, are they easy to install ?? any comments would be good .
  15. Thank you my friend very much apreciated
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