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  1. i meant to post the vin for the DT175 is 443-001740
  2. it did orrigionally doesnt right now and the vin for the DT175's vin is 443- and i got the letters and exact dates from yamaha. i will i dont know how or if i can post pictures yet.
  3. thank you i knew about ebay but i did not know about the others. thank you. also does anyone know of a good place to getparts for the jt1 other then ebay or bike bandit?
  4. Sacha were do you get parts for your bike like a seat and other stuff?
  5. hi my name is jacob i am 15 live in texas and had just started to learn to ride on a 1973 honda xl100 but dont have access anymore to it so i just aquired two old yamahas! what i got is a 1971 yamaha JT1 j mini enduro that i am going to get running first becouse requires the least work and money. the other bike is a 1975 DT 175 a that will be a long term project so i can ride on the road when i am 18. i am trying to figure out what the "j" for the JT1 and the "a" for the DT 175 means. any help would be great.
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