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  1. Okay,that makes sense because that's what it looks like from the pictures I have found, thanks, dav a. It also appears we are missing the AIS and MCV, which appear to have been removed by the previous owner. What effect does the removal of the AIS have on the bike, and is it something we should try to replace? All we really have is the frame, wiring harness, engine, carbs and tank.
  2. Hello everyone, My dad and myself recently got a 1987 xv1100 to fix up togehter and turn into a bobber, but it was mostly dissassembled and we seem to be missing a few pieces I need to to know if we legitamatly need or can do without. We seem to be missing a piece called the "sub tank assembly" and we arent really sure what purpose this serves in the function of the engine and if we do in fact need it for it to operate. This is the first motorcycle I have had to work that is carbureted, so most of it is new to me. Any information you guys could provide would be a great help! T
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