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  1. Hi. Seems I'm only ever seeking help/advice rather than giving so here goes; Haven't used the bike for many months, (charge it every couple of weeks) took it out today but have got no headlight or side light and no rear light. Brake light works fine front and back brake. Hopeless at electrics so where's best to start. Started first kick by the way..
  2. That's my kneeling pad in the garage - not in the lounge ?
  3. You guys are a lifeline. Really appreciated so thanks to all.
  4. As Airhead says it's the bottom one. 12mm dia, approx 200mm long (excluding head), approx 16mm of thread. The one which connects to the bottom of the shocker on mine is just a clevis pin with a split pin stopping it from coming out (in addition to the tight fit).
  5. HELP. Trying to locate a Pivot bolt - Google has let me down. Anyone know a supplier?
  6. Thanks for that, order on its way. The diagram in the Haynes manual shows a shim sitting between the top hat bush and the thrust cover. There wasn't any when I took it apart and they don't show on the kit. The assembly was a snug fit between the frame so not sure whether they're needed (or what they do).
  7. Worked a treat, thanks. Powder coating on the list now while it's all stripped down and the search for parts.
  8. Thanks, I'll give that a go. Don't want to scour the inside of the swing arm though.
  9. Managed to knock the remains of the bolt back into the tube and drop the swing arm. Top connection to the shocker came out fairly easily. The bushes seen to be made of some kind of fibre. No idea how I'm gonna get them out - they seem to be bonded to the swing arm. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks Jimmy. Uploaded a picture to Postimage.org, copied the "Hotlink for forums" and after editing the link got an image ! Copying and pasting "Direct Link" worked without and edit of the link text. That problem's sorted now just need to sort the bike !!
  11. That's the one and no the engine isn't out. With the engine /box in the bike there's no room to get a stroke with your precision tool. Still no idea how to post a pickie but here's a link; https://photos.app.goo.gl/dsv4CdjTp7njL8KJ7
  12. Thanks guys. Not sure we're on the right track. The bolt that's stuck is at the bottom of the swing arm connecting to the frame - Pg 151 of the Haynes manual. I've already cut the head off (and an inch or so of the bolt) with a view to knocking it back in to clear the frame brackets and drop the swing arm out. Unfortunately it won't budge going back. Can't see anyway to cut through the bolt on the inside of the frame which I need to do to drop the swing arm out. Tried to upload a couple of pictures but they won't load (user error clearly).
  13. Hi Guys, long time since I posted on here but in need of advice. Took my 1980 DT175MX for its MOT today. It passed but only just - there's play in the lower swing arm mount. Got home, read up on how to remove the pivot bolt, shims, washers, thrust covers, bushes etc and set to work. After removing the nut the pivot bolt was solid - had to use a 1/2" drive socket bar with long extension tube just to get it to turn. 4 hours later, 3 knackered drifts and 1/2 a tin of WD40 the pivot bolt is jammed solid half out. So... any advice on how to get it out.
  14. That's exactly what happened when I removed it. It had stayed put almost all round except there and of course it chopped through it as I pulled the shaft out.
  15. Sounds a reasonable enough bit of logic even though I have only got a hammer in my toolkit. It's a case of being able to locate everything but hopefully .... I've owned the bike for just over a year without a problem (well without a kickstart problem). Your bump start was exactly what I used to do with my DT 30 years ago which when I bought it had only half a kickstart until I got a bit welded on! I did do exactly the same yesterday but wouldn't fancy it after a stall in the middle of the city (plus I'm far too old to be messing about like that)
  16. So ...a spare hour and the kick start shaft is out and the main culprit exposed. It's no 3 on the schematic which was in 2 parts lying in the bottom of the clutch case housing.;- http://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-dt175h-1981_model8795/partslist/B-05.html 4 and 5 are absent without leave but on the basis that all was working OK and there's no debris that looks like them in the bottom of the clutch housing, I guess they're not essential. Question is can you guys recommend the best place for parts - the clip and clutch case gasket. CMS where the link takes you to appear to have both, wermoto have the gasket but not the clip. Oil pump cover gasket also (although I may just get away with the one that's on.
  17. Thanks guys. I'll have a go over the weekend to see what I can find.
  18. As the title says. Took my 1980 DT175MX out today for a 20 mile trip. Everything was great apart from front right indicator not working, 2t oil level light on, oil being pushed out of top of crank case/clutch housing(I think that's what it is) and just as I got back, went to put it away and the kick start jammed in the down position! Eventually got it off the spline and the shaft spun back to where it should be. Reassembled (without the ball bearing and spring which I hadn't noticed had fallen out) only for it to do the same again. Happy days! Any advice what might be causing the kick start shaft to lock. http://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-dt175h-1981_model8795/partslist/B-05.html
  19. It did do, but is staying on now. Presumably that's in the reservoir. I'll give it a go tomorrow. Thanks guys.
  20. Merry Christmas to one and all. Can anyone advise the mechanics of the oil level warning light - ie what is the mechanism for making it come on. Mine has started to come on even though the oil reservoir is full.
  21. Guess I'd better try a few more key cutters.
  22. Hi Paul, I've been in to a few but none have nor can get the correct blank The only ebay sellers that I could find were in the states and I have no idea what the key number is.
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