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    dt 80 mx 1984 under resturation scooter new 125 62 plate

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    vauxhall omega mv6,flying remote controll helis,and bikes.
  1. ok pm your address and ill post it over
  2. i got this its of a dt something,it has stanley on it it was spayed silver and i painted it black(not very good) has a long crack in the top of leans its free to someone if thay want it .no good to me.
  3. blue leds lights added today.
  4. pedguy


    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15975562 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8401344.stmcheck this out put your postcode in tells all the deaths in your area. my area had 20 cars and 4 bike.
  5. will strip out the wiring as it was for a 50 mx i have managed to get a brand new loom for a 80 mx,found a chain gaurd so will be all ready next week.
  6. pedguy


    yes it did run before i touched it.as far as i can tell i have no power going into the points,i have power going into the recifier but nothing coming out that lead then runs into the points.but this run before and it had no wiring loom in it and no battery,just a lead running from start stop switch to coil,im going to remove flywheel for a better look.
  7. pedguy


    with ignition on and i manuely open points should i get a spark,or if i turn the big round thing i can see them open and shut should thay spark then,do thay have some sort of power supply to them. cant get my spark plug to spark.dt 80 mx 1981 (in projects).
  8. so far £1200 including the cost of the bike
  9. well its nearly thier,waiting for gear lever got to fit throttle cable ,then sehs ready for front room,
  10. wiring to go in this weekend,
  11. yea im not married, yea thanks did not think it was right.
  12. new spokes new tyres just got back.
  13. this bike is for my front room it will not be going on the road,unless i get bored of lokking at it.
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