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  1. Cheers guys, It's taken quite a bit of organising but we're almost there! Just need at least 2 more to get the deal done =) Kearnsy, There are several colours available. I presume that's your fazer in your avatar? Mine is identical, i'm going for blue hoses but you could get black for an OEM+ look/just to upgrade without being flashy. They have a list of the colours available on the sfs performance website. www.sfsperformance.co.uk Any other questions please let me know =) Chris
  2. Hi Everyone, I’m organising a group buy for silicone kits to replace the 9 coolant hoses on the FZS600 98 - 03. Our beloved Fazers are getting on a bit now and the coolant hoses are often forgotten about when upgrading or replacing parts. No company currently makes a kit for our bikes and no one will unless we can get this first order sorted. I now have a price for the kits and the company, sfs performance who are a great uk based company, are just waiting for me to confirm there are at least ten orders before they begin the production process. There is more info here, the main update is on page 5: http://foc-u.co.uk/index.php/topic,6189.100.html If you are interested in a kit please follow the instruction in my post on page 5. We are getting a considerable discount for this group buy so now is the best time to get one Thanks for your time, Chris
  3. Hmm, All the other websites I use have been fine. could just be the connection to the hosting server. Anyway. not to worry. Thanks, i'll post up in a few other sections. As for the ferry, i've had my air share of rough nights on the boat Thanks for the welcomes
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys! I noticed the picture of a viking on the gallery pictures! haha, don't know the man I dont think, there are 20,000 people here so don't quite know everyone. haha! If he goes to the simmer dimm rally then i'll see him no doubt. Any of you been up to shetland? Gorgeous place to visit if you've never been. Really trying to spread the word about the silicone hose kits before we put the order in. Any suggestions where best to post about it? Are there many fazer 600 owners on here? Cheers, Chris. P.S. is it just me or is the forum taking ages to load?
  5. Hi Everyone, My names Chris and I live up in shetland. I've got an 02 blue foxeye 600 and love my bike. I'm a member on several forums and am currently setting up a group buy for silicone hose coolant kits for the 98 - 03 fzs 600 fazer. The kits will be made by sfs performance who are a brilliant UK based company. They are giving us a large discount on the order and I thought i'd let you guys and girls know incase anyone was interested. We need a minimum of ten orders and we're just a couple of kits short of that so let me know if you'd like one. The cost for a 9 piece kit is £100 plus an £8 postage and packaging charge. There are several colours to choose from and they look awesome! The old fazers are getting on a bit and the coolant and hoses are often neglected and forgotten about so this is the chance to upgrade to something better. More info can be found in this thread and the main update is on page 5: http://foc-u.co.uk/index.php?topic=6189.0 Sorry to have gone on a bit for my first post! Take care Chris P.S here's a picture of me and my bike with some lovely shetland scenery
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