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  1. ssssssh pipe down noise.....or i will give you a beasting....now be a good boy and be quiet...and next time the proper address to me is SIR.....
  2. no need to take the piss...i was asking for help..hope your happy you have offended a ex disabled soldier...thanks mate
  3. ok ill do that tomorrow..thank you for your help airhead..ill update tomorrow..cheers
  4. i think it does..but i just bought it and someone has messed around with it..unfortunately this model was built without a kickstart fucking useful..im thinking solenoid is kupput or starter button knackered??
  5. is there a starter relay? and where is that?? cheers
  6. ok cheers.but...its when the live to the solenoid is engaged it spins without touching starter switch???
  7. dont think its the starter clutch as it does it when connected to solenoid???
  8. hi thanks for the reply..yes bike can be bumped..but been putting a starter on but it just spins..any ideas? cheers
  9. hello...can anyone help? just installed a starter motor and it just spins...any ideas? thanks
  10. bullshit mr hanman..you come right out of a comic book...fuckin sheep shagger..get a women you nonce...
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