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  1. hi my name is antony i have a sachs zx 125 with a yamaha dt 125r engine (so ive been told ) i was given this site by a friend and said it is very helpfull with good advice i no my bike is not a yamaha but thought as it has a yamaha engine then would get some good replys kind regards antony
  2. ok will i will do so grouch and thanks ken i will have a look antony
  3. hi need help i have a sachs zx 125 2 stroke ive been told it is a yamaha dt engine my question is when it rains the bike will cut out then start cut out start etc i have changed the coil plug lead and plug plus cap a friend of mine said it could be the magneto (seams to be ok in dry weather) can any one help me out or give me advice please thanks antony
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