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  1. As part of this restoration I decided to have the engine rebuilt. I took the engine to a small shop about a year ago. The mechanic had a multitude of personal problems and could not complete the job. I knew he had started to tear it apart so I went to recover it so I could complete the job. The engine was completely torn apart and the parts were in small unlabeled containers. So now I have all the parts and pieces and know idea of where to start. The transmission seems to be intact. I have purchased all new bearings and seals. Piston and rings. I have the parts manuals and the service manual but they don't thoroughly explain all you would need to know about rebuilding or the problems to avoid. Any suggestions , special tools, or tips anyone could provide would be a great help. Also a good source for the less obvious parts such as shims and spacers would be helpful. I live in the Portland Ore. area. If you know a shop that would be willing to put this together, that would be nice. FYI, the bike is 100% restored other than the engine.Thank You for your help.
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