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    Yamaha R46 No. 1251 (2005 R6) Registered 2007 Triumph Speed Four Registered 2006 Harley-Davidson FLHT Registered 2007

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  1. John P


    Thanks very much for that Paul, I've been out on mine this weekend; they are great fun. No worries about the seat cowl info, I also purchased the R46 Paddock Stand as it comes with the bobbins as part of the kit. If you get the seat cowl and you have an alarm fitted dont forget to check if your alarm has a switch on the pillion seat as mine has; I had to get an additional contact to fit on the seat cowl.
  2. John P


    Hi R46Paul, I got mine brand new in April 2007 so it came on an 07 plate from a dealer in Redcar. I see yours has the Termignoni Exhaust fitted, I haven't got round to fitting mine yet (The bike comes fitted with a brushed finished standard can and the Termignoni in a box). The seat cowl isn't part of the package; however your local Yamaha dealer should be able to order you one, the details are: - Extreme Yellow / Midnight Black (RYC1/SMX) Part Number 5SL-W0771-60-00 Price £142.99 It isn't autographed though and I've never actually seen an autographed one. Could I ask you a big favour, one of the reasons that I've never got round to fitting the Termignoni Exhaust is that the fitting instructions are pretty poor and you cannot see from the pictures how the strap fits to the pillion footpeg hanger. Could you take a couple of digital photos of yours and e-mail them to me please. Many thanks and enjoy your R46. John
  3. John P


    Hi There, I'm new on here as well so welcome.
  4. John P


    Just joined the forum tonight, I became the owner of a "new" Yamaha R46 (Number 1251) on the 10th April 2007, any other owners on this forum?
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