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  1. Good Day! Thought I would post this question in that does anyone know if there is a complied list of what colours (colours) Yamaha used to paint the various models coming out of the factory. The other manufacturers do that are model specific and I was wondering if anyone has taken the time on the yamaha Owners Club to do this as well.
  2. RM, Agree that clicking on this link may give some light to the explanation of the Yamaha VIN #'s but sadly not all. What is needed is someone to put together a list of what each letter/number means with the 17 digits of the serial number. I have since discovered that BMW's are just as confusing and I have since complied a list that sorts this out. When time permits, I will try and do some more research in this matter to give guidance for the Yamaha marquee. b25bsaboy
  3. Good Afternoon, First off, I registered with this site primarily to did a little bit deeper to the full description of the Yamaha VIN meaning. I ama professional insurance motorcycle appraiser based here in Calgary, AB. When I complete an appraisal I like to include the customers VIN and explain what the 17 digits mean. Here is an example to help you understand where I am going with this: The VIN Number **5HD1FYW135Y706249** maybe decoded as follows: • 5 – International • HD – Harley Davidson • 1 – Motorcycle Type (Heavy Weight (901 cc – up)) • FY – FLHRS Road King Custom (EFI) • W – 1450cc EFI Twin Cam • 1 – Regular induction Date • 3 – Factory Check Digit • 5 – Year of Manufacture • Y- York City Plant, MA • Last Six Digits Numerical is the Serial Number. The same should be true for the Yamaha, but there seems to be a lack of information out there. Went to the local Yamaha dealer and he gave me two (2) sheets of paper that is a good start, but from experience there is a third sheet that spells out what HD does in explaining the 5/6 digit is the model number of the machine. In this case FY is a FLHRS Road King Custom. In Yamaha's case what is a Yamaha Road Star digit and the list goes on. I am hoping someone on this board can shed some much needed light on the subject and is willing to share their knowledge. Best regards, B25BSABOY
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