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  1. A Ural with sidecar rocket launcher and machine gun. Oh and an Alsation to sit in the chair
  2. I use Ordnance Survey, Landranger maps in the uk. Excellent detail. if you are travelling a fair distance you would need a map covering a greater area.
  3. YOU can have as many plates as you want with different numbers , as long as the real number is a illuminated at night. The number plate is a customs and exicse offence ,not a road traffic one.
  4. Bad connection , clean all the terminals
  5. On the road from Tyndrum to Dalmally on the BMW RT , went to shoot passed an artic fridge motor when he pulled into the centre of the road and made me brake hard. Pulled back full of rot, then saw a mobile camera van. He saved me a ticket.
  6. Anyone know if the solenoid from from any other Yamaha will fit this bike.
  7. If the polis had already clocked him at 153, he would have had his number. So why double the danger to the public by chasing him.
  8. Did the new coils solve the problem? or is it carb. balance or plugs?
  9. Up here we don't get that reaction, most Shetlanders have ridden bikes at some time in their lives, Park up and some one will nearly always speak to you about bikes. We have lots of women in our club 3 with Hyabusas. When I go South into England I find the attitude changes the further I go. Just ignore the comments and enjoy your biking.
  10. I do at least 3 trips to Scotland and a trip to Germany every year. We have 156 members in our bike club. 90% don't wear them.
  11. Never wear one, folk can't see me with lights on. The more that wear them gives the gov. more excuse to make them compulsory.
  12. Make sure you start with new tyres or ones with enough tread to safely cover our intended milage. Enjoy your trip and as the folks say bring lots of pics for us to see.
  13. I stopped 20 years ago made up my mind and after the first week never even wanted one. I smoked 40 rollies golden virginia a day. I cant stand the smell of fag reek.
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