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  1. Hey, I'm helping my pal import his Toyota just now and the most important doc required seems to be a certificate of conformity which should be supplied by the manufacturer's agent from the appropriate country. Obviously in your case this would be Yamaha Australia. You should also have a registration document, or equivalent, which should in it's own right confirm the bike's age. Without these docs it's going to make the process more difficult but as Preload mentioned Yamaha themselves may be able to help? Good luck with this! It seems at first like a huge amount of paper is required but it will all come together eventually. Davie.
  2. Hey Jimmy & Mervin, It's funny when I read your posts because it sounds just like the kind of place that I work. Family owned business, no pressure allowed nor given etc etc etc. But alas you do get people who obviously know much better than me that all dealers are thieving bastards. Kinda sweeping statement eh? Obviously they have been to every one in the land. I wonder what they do for a living? They clearly are better people than me and every other person who works in the car/bike trade by the the sound of it. Must be Godlike! This kind of ignorance really fucks me off. Davie
  3. Hey Beef, To be fair that's the before pic. Honest! I think the the tube from the left crank case may be something to do with de icing or summit. I've just never seen so many blocked or useless breathers on a bike before. Tonight I had it spinning and it was really trying. The clicking noise heard on the last thread seems to be the starter sticking. Coupla taps with the persuader gets it spinning again. The one positive factor seems to be that at least the carbs are not leaking anymore. Tomorrow it'll be plugs out, more fresh fuel and we'll need to see what happens. I don't think it's far away. Again, thanks for all advice/comments big or small. Greatly appreciated. Once this is going it's to the MOT station and back to the XJ as per other thread. Davie.
  4. Good advice mate. And the clicking noise? Had a good booster pack on it.
  5. Feck, Thought that to be fair. Any thoughts on the previous questions? Davie.
  6. Hi All, Not a lot to report really. I managed to remove from the carbs the fuel pipe which was a real fiddle to get back on. Removed the carbs and straightened the rubbers to the head and re-fitted the carbs. It has a new battery in it but that was several years ago. Even though it's not been used do you think it needs replaced? I had it on charge for a couple of hours today but it didn't hold much of a charge, just enough to make the lights/horn etc. Anyway, i'm thinking well it's now or never, hit it with easy start and it caught and died, caught and died over and over again. It only seems to want to fire with the easy start. After trying for about twenty minutes using a good booster pack i'm now only getting a single click when I hit the start button. Have I knackered the solenoid or something? Now home, mingin of easy start and thoroughly fed up. All the best, Davie.
  7. Hey All, Finally a bit of progress...while the carbs were off again I took the opportunity to dry and get a lot of the crap that's accumulated under there away by giving it a mild steam clean. Obviously I blocked off the bores etc but is looking better. A couple of questions ..... What;s this? And this? I think it may be the breather from when there was an air box but am not sure. Last one. What's the blue tube for? Opps, sorry there is another one. I presume there must be some air assistance for the rear shock because I discovered a valve for pumping air into. If so does anyone know the correct pressure? Then bled the clutch.... Finally carbs refitted and got the throttle cable on first time. Result! The noticed the rubbers are all squinty and they'll need to come off again. Bollocks. Anyway, thanks for looking and in advance for any advice received but i'm really chuffed to get some progress. I'll need to bleed the brakes after work and then i'll try and get her to fire up. Fingers crossed. Cheers, Davie.
  8. davie6711

    NOS Yam RD250

    I would've had it if it were the black one
  9. When's the last time you saw one of them for two hundred quid? Answer...never! Grab it while you can. Only now are you seeing them under a grand. My tuppence worth. Davie.
  10. Hiya, I bought one of the motad systems from eBay and although it doesn't exactly specify it's for my bike it's close enough although i'm having some problems but that's to do with the bike not the pipework. Getting to the point. If you search eBay sellers for Motad get in touch with them. They were really very helpful and I got my system delivered to my door for just over a hundred quid. In saying that I agree with the previous posters, don't rely on the looks. Motad should be able to help I hope. Good luck, Davie.
  11. Hey, Theo 4-1 was purely bought for the cost.......Motad were selling their new/old stock on ebay recently so I got it for just over £100 I would've preferred 4-2 but they were costing much more than I paid for the bike! Davie
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