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  1. Ok just tried to put link from PB in this post but still says "you are not allowed to use that image extension on the community"
  2. Hello fella ,from another newbie,oh and happy new year to u too
  3. Cheers guys ,does anyone know how to change my pic (I'm on iPad ) and it doesn't wanna work ?
  4. Name: 1990 yz250 rebuilt mmmmm 1990 yz250 (1990) Date Added: 31 December 2012 - 09:53 PM Owner: GadgetGadget Short Description: Fully rebuilt and up for sale View Vehicle
  5. Why can't I add photo's ??????(I'm on iPad btw)

    1. Sacha


      have you checked in the FAQs forum? you'll need to have a photobucket account (or similar). :)

  6. Hi ,thanks guys ,I'm ashamed to say it but I'm currently living at the kursaal ATM , not good lol but new year and all that jazz ,I'm gonna get me bike out in the mud a bit more and try to enjoy 2013,might need to buy a new jet wash tho coz I'm coming home with more mud than bike ahhhhh
  7. Hi there ,just a quik one ,everyone calls me gadget,I'm 31 ,and I come from sunny Southend ,blimey it's like blind date lol, always up for a natter ,and am very mechanically minded and love yamaha's,so if I can help anyone I will ,kind regards gadge
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